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Friday, November 21, 2008

Bared Feet

So we sat last night at the bar, a group of people interested in naughty, and discussed all sorts of things. But I did get asked about all the feet pics here. Was it a fetish of mine?

So I have been thinking of that since. No, not a fetish. Well, I do love the pedicures, but not so much in a sexual way. But in a damn-I-love-to-be-pampered way. bdenied asked if I ever have had a man paint my toes for me. No, to that either, but would be more than willing to try that bit of fun. Any volunteers?

A Sad Story with a Happy Ending
Early in my life I had a boyfriend I can barely remember anymore. He did not like feet... at all... and once told me my toes were too long. My long fingers he didn't mind on various parts of his anatomy. (Yes, he was a bit of a jerk now that I am thinking about it.) But my toes, I think he even said ewww once and a couple other not so nice remarks. I was nearly scared for life and for years would only wear closed toed shoes and never went barefoot for fear someone would go running screaming from the sight of my feet.

Enter the hero of our story. Hubby. Yea!! Hubby. At some point, one hot summer day very early in our courtship, Hubby said, "Get your sandals and we'll go to the beach." And I grabbed my Keds tennis shoes. Sandals he repeated and I had to admit I didn't have any. And after a bit of teasing I tearfully (yes, acutal tears) told him how I hated my feet. He got down on his knees took off my tennis shoes and kissed each and every toe, rubbed my insteps, my heels, that little hollow below my ankles. He kissed the tops of both feet and looked up at me and told me I had beautiful feet. Took me right then to the shoe store and bought me sandals, three pairs. And me, Hubby and my toes have been living happily ever after that. A partner that truly wants you to be happy, secure and confident, quite a precious thing in a life.

And when I began exploring in more depth all aspects of my sexuality, he so fully supported me in that exploration. Wow, now there is gift. And even has shared a bit here and there as I try this, that and the other naughty thing.

So, yes... I do love sharing my toes here. I love how pretty girls' feet are and enjoy that others think so as well. Yes, I could (and have a bit) expose other body parts on occasion here. But feet, shoes, toes... do hold a nice place in my heart. And since I have begun this blog and posting various feet pictures I even get the occasional email asking for more (one of those requests was this picture of my feet bare of all my toe rings, and I do feel a bit naked like this). And as I said last night, it turns me on to know what turns you on (assuming legal please) and if one of those turn ons is my pretty toes (f-you old boyfriend they are pretty) well then it is a wonderful thing.


Anonymous said...

I am a male who loves pretty female feet... and I must say yours are superb! To me, pretty feet like yours are as erotic, as sexy as breasts.

calais said...

Yeahh for Mr.H !! :)

Anonymous said...

That was a lovely story: a happy story with a sad beginning. Your feet are pretty, but you paint a beautiful picture of your husband.

Anonymous said...

Well, its too bad you had to give up your perfect psychical specimen of a boyfriend. I'm guessing that he HAD to have been perfect himself to be so critical of someone else. Jerk.

But we now can understand how/why your Hubby became your Hubby.

so-cal blues911 said...

I have no foot fetish, but damn those look sexy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your feet are exquisite. And yes I definately love beautiful feet. In fact the first thing I look at on a woman are her face then her feet (if possible).