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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Ruby Slippers

One week from tonight will be the Third Thursday. The second... get together... I just can't use the munch word yet because it seems to imply there should be a direct purpose. And I suppose there is a direct purpose. The purpose of getting together with like minded people, talking, being accepted, having a drink and getting to know one another. Whatever name I am just looking so forward to the evening.

And of course I need a new pair of shoes for the event. And so of course I had to find the most uncomfortable but deliciously sexy shoes I could find. And of course the pair I fell for, like men and cheesecake can be for women on occasion, were no good at all for me. Just a little too tight, way too expensive and will require the sacrifice of three toe rings (which I loath to take off) and... and... and just look at how pretty.

Shiny candy apple red patent leather, with 4" silver heels that will look just right with the silk blouse I plan to wear. And as fate would have it there at the store was a lovely red clutch that goes absolutely perfectly with my new lovely ruby slippers and Hubby just smiled and nodded yes and it was added to the treasure in the bag I would leave with.

So now I just need my pedicure next week.... hmmm... ruby toes too... and I am more than armed and dangerous. My weapons of choice, shiny red shoes.

P.S. If you are a Southern California Inland Empire naughty person... all the details for where and when can be found at this FetLife thread (you will need to join FetLife to view) - - but the quick details... British Bulldog Pub in Upland, 7 p.m., Thursday 11/20.


Merlin7 said...

Well Miss Honey, You will surely have you weapons of mass destruction in place. You will blow them away!!! You will look stunning. There something quite erotic for me about a woman in RED shoes with silver heels.

Alfie said...

They are beautiful. Red is such a sexy colour.

Miss Honey said...

Thank you Merlin & Alfie... the minute I slipped them on, just felt right.

Marie said...

Very sexy!

acker said...

These shoes are so wonderfully sexy... only to be able to see you in them makes my heart melt.

donriser said...

I could do one thing in those sexy shoes . . . sit down. Very nice choice. You may even have a few unexpected visitors join you. You'll have all the men (and some of the women) getting in touch with previously unrealized submissive side. LOL.