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Friday, November 21, 2008

Red It Was

Forgive the quality this was taken with my camera from my cell phone last night in the restroom of the bar. But as you can see ruby slippers won the night. But yes, every toe ring had to come off.

And what a lovely night it was.

I was on time as I do strive to be in my life. And sat alone for just a moment or two. Aaerorider, who had been sitting out on the patio, had seen me walk in. He said the red hair and red shoes gave me away. I rather liked that comment.

Then just a few minutes later Mala showed and not long after that Crowe. We had hoped for a few more who had indicated they would be coming but only us four this time. But we had the most interesting discussions. Good thing Mala took some notes my memory isn't great in the best of circumstances and a couple glasses of wine, well :).

We shared some dirty jokes. Tested Mala's wonderful lubes (just on fingers, was a vanilla establishment). He offered them in five gallon batches. That and a plastic kiddie pool and the possibilities are just endless. I told my blue toes tale. We discussed the pros and cons of being a phone sex operator. Which I have decided has to be a better job that working for my AH boss. Just a wonderful evening.

Home at about 11 last night. Oh, so late for Honey. Hubby was still working and I thought I would have to go to bed alone. But H kept me company most erotically on the phone as he drove to work 8 hours of time zones away. So glad he didn't crash as I reached a rather... hmmm... intense and noisy peak.

And now it is 6 a.m. and I have to get up and get ready to go to work. How was your night?


Merlin7 said...

Great choice
you look stunning!

bdenied said...

well I just became convinced that if you walk into where Im eating, drinking or whatever, I shall turn my head and follow your movements.....subtley of course but follow nonetheless

Anonymous said...

Camera phones - so cool, so convenient; I would be the one seeking forgiveness if I were to complain about this wonderful shot of you. Thank you for it.

5 gallon batches!? A kiddie pool?! Wow. My imagination will be running wild today.

My commute to work is not long, but I would drive around the company parking lot for as long as it takes just for the privilege of hearing the noisiness of your . . . peak.

My night was nowhere near as interesting as yours. Hopefully the weekend will bring a little excitement.

aaerorider said...

The womens restroom looks much nicer than the mens (lads)...You looked great, shoes and all!

Miss Honey said...

Ohhhh... you boys are all so very sweet. You have made me smile this morning.

Anonymous said...

Pussycat. You do look nice in this photo.