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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Watch Me

I love when he watches me.
When my hands cup full breasts
and hold them up
like offerings
to the Gods.

I ache when he watches me.
Hips lifted, thighs taught
legs straining,
I am spread wide
and down and down I reach.

I need him to see all of me.
Fingers rubbing, pushing,
can he see this is what I desire?
I open up my body
to his hungry eyes.

I want him to hear me.
I moan and cuss and say
the most explicit things
telling exactly what I want
done to me.

I burn as he watches me.
As I push and arch
and pinch and bite
and find at last
my scream of final

Release me,
hear me,
see me,
watch me.


Alfie said...

Beautiful. What a lucky, lucky guy he is.

Merlin7 said...

Hi Miss Honey
I Love this poem
I have just posted about this subject

Miss Honey said...

Thank you Alfie. :)

I hadn't read your post yet Merlin... just did now, how wonderful that we share such similar ideas on the subject, just from different POVs. :)

naturline said...

That was hot- thank you, I needed this…