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Friday, November 28, 2008

A Bubbly Honey

Oh, I so love a bubble bath. Spent 30 minutes just enjoying the warmth and quiet. Hubby came in and took these pictures.

So, a little bubbly Honey for you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing those beautiful feet again.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm mmmm mmm mm m aye

bdenied said...

very nice indeed....

Miss Marie said...

Yeah I might not be yours anymore, but damn I love those toes! You really changed me when it comes to feet, there has not been a day since you first so nicely "forced" me to get that pedicute that my toes have not been one pretty color or another. Thank you :)

Miss Marie said...

Oh and as I said, T and I had great fun playing guess that body part with your first picture! I was stuck on it being boobs then changed to thighs at the last minute...and well I know the right answer now, but I wonder do any of your other loyal readers have a guess?

Maybe a new idea for a blog post for you, guess that body part.

PS I sort of copied you on my blog, but not completely.