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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Little Bit Artsy

Ruby toes to go with my ruby slippers.

This picture is for my friend François. I love his art and his flirting, in lovely and naughty French. So I was going for an artsy theme in his honor.

My camera was having trouble with the focus. So I may try again when there is more natural light.

Red shoes... check

Red toes... check

Red hair... check

Now I just have to figure out what I will bring for Show & Tell on this Third Thursday (meeting naughty locals at a local bar). One friend suggested ribbon (need to find some with bees) as he says that ribbon tied gently and my voice is all I need to bind someone to do my bidding. Now come on, is that just the most wonderful compliment ever? Well, it made me smile.


Jane not Plain said...

Your toes are so long and beautiful!

I must say, I'm envious of you getting to meet people who share your sensual nature in person. It sounds simply wonderful. Does anything really hot come of those meetings? Do tell.

Merlin7 said...

Hi miss Honey.
Red is my colour

And I bet you look sensational with you red hair.

And yes its a great compliment

Alfie said...

I guess some lucky guy gets to kiss those toes.

sinfullyanon said...

I love your toes!
(bet'cha haven't heard that in a long time. lol!)

Very cute..and, sexy.


perfectlips said...

Wow, very nice shot! I had no idea you did them like that (I don't know how else you would have done them). I think it would be a sudden erotic shock to notice toenails with that detail work on a woman sitting or standing near me, "heh couldn't help noticing your toenails not that I was looking at your feet or anything ..."

That is a nice compliment about the ribbon --- would someone wear it around their neck, or maybe around their waist, tied in a pretty bow --- but your voice alone is pretty powerful. God, I dread to think what your eyes are like.

ConTemplate said...

Yes, very pretty, very artsy toes.

Show and Tell, huh? I've enjoyed that ever since kindergarten. Have a great time. I'll look forward to the "Tell" part.

Merlin said...

So much depends on your ability to tie knots . . .

Miss Honey said...

"Wow, very nice shot! I had no idea you did them like that (I don't know how else you would have done them." - PL

PL...I do have to admit... this picture was just for effect. I don't do my own toes. I suppose I could, but what fun is that? I go have have the very tiny Asian girl who has the most lovely hands do my toes.... every three weeks.

"So much depends on your ability to tie knots . . ." Merlin

Merlin... I was rather thinking of a simple bow. At once so easily removed, but once tied on, well untying without permission would so disappoint me. And in general, people want to please me... so it might work well.

:) MH

perfectlips said...

Oh it would be heaven to be either of you.

bdenied said...

hmmm, have you ever had a guy paint your toes...I have not done that but something I always thought would be hot

Miss Honey said...

bd - I have not... but would certainly welcome the opportunity, but it would have to be done well. I do take my pedicures seriously. ;)