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Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Win... Barely...

San Diego trailed 13-6 at half time and the home crowd fans were not happy, booing as my boys walked into the locker room. They seemed to regroup and come out fired up. Rivers doesn't fold under pressure and brought SD back and into the lead by the end of the 4th quarter despite what, in my opinion, were some really crappy coaching decisions. Fuckin' Norv continues a relentless and ineffectual drive up the middle.

My boy Rivers was intercepted twice in this game, but KC failed do anything with the gifts that the mistakes gave to them. But late in the 4th KC marched hard down the field and scored bringing them within one for the tie, two for the win.

It was change in defensive coordinator during our bye week that was of interest to me. And honestly nothing interesting happened. Our defensive backs never seemed to be able to find a white shirt to cover, and pass after pass was completed. But in the end the defense stopped the only play that really mattered when KC went for the two point conversion that would have given them the win and our defense finally did its job perfectly.

A win is win... a check mark in the W column counts whether you win by one or by 30, but it was not a pretty game and this is not a team that inspire much confidence in the very important upcoming games.

My boys need some better coaching and motivation to be the team I know they can be. Maybe I could whip them into shape?


Anonymous said...

I wish I could watch a game with you (or even we --- why not?).

bdenied said...

ONe must ask themselves. Did the Chargers win or did KC loose?

Miss Honey said...

You are exactly right. KC lost and just as easily could have had that 2 points. We have nothing at all to brag about with this W. Sighhh... :(