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Monday, January 19, 2009

Over the Stool - MFM #11

“No, really just having you put on the panties would be too easy.” I said, the look on his face was priceless; he went from pure ecstasy to despair in a single breath as I took the panties from him.

I moved to a small stool in the middle of the room. In my hand now were my red silk panties and my black sheer stockings that he would soon be wearing. “Crawl here.” He did so quickly, no hesitation at all. “I will put them on you myself. I like dressing up my playthings. But first a bit of control will be needed for that pesky hard on you are waving about as if it impresses me. And certainly your little asshole will need to be mine as well. I think this plug will fit you nicely.” I said picking up a large pink toy from a shelf.

“Hmmm, shall I fill your pretty ass first or lock up that pathetic little cock before I dress you?" I pretended to contemplate that choice for a bit as he knelt there before me, he was trembling in obvious anticipation. "Oh, I do think we shall start with that cute tight ass. I want you face down over the stool. Quickly now, we don’t want to be late for the party.”


Written for Microfantasy Monday at the Sweltering Celt. This week's theme, furniture. This is a snippit of a story I am writing with dz. at The Org this week.

I would so love to have a photo to illustrate this story. If you would like to offer me a picture of you over a stool, bottom ready for me, I would simply adore it. You can email the photo to me at

Sam's bottom looks ready for all I could want to offer.

dz. is so nicely available for me here.


vanimp said...

I like that, a stool, the perfect height ... for devious desires and ministrations ... I can picture that scene perfectly. Beautifully written, calm and collected yet completely controlled. x

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I love the teasing hesitation, even though the decision was already made.

Miss Marie said...

sexy bottom my slut. I bet Miss Honey and I could both think of some things to do to your pretty ass.