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Monday, January 12, 2009

SD 24 - Pitts 35

It was a very strange season. But now it is over.

I do love sports, and I still think we have a good team.

But, it does make me sad that we are done for this season.

I am entirely not a fan of our current coach, Fuckin' Norv Turner. (Did you pick up on that at all during the season?) I think he is a poor decision maker and really doesn't care that much. When I saw him shrug his shoulder, like oh well, at the post game news conference, OMG I was yelling and cursing at the TV.

The Chargers played well late in the season. And Phillip Rivers has become a leader who really took charge and made things happen. This Sunday though we were just unable to overcome a superior defense, had some strangely bad breaks and made some costly errors.

So now, it is wait again until next season.


perfectlips said...

Sorry you had a bad season.

When does the next season start? I'll try and swot up and be ready.

Don't American football games last like hours?

Miss Honey said...

The season wasn't bad, just not as good as it could have been with the talent we have. I truly believe with better coaching they would have really been a better team. But we did well late season and that win against Indy was delightful.

Season starts again early August with the preseason games, which can be interesting as you get to see the new players.

Yes, our games are by the clock one hour, four 15 minute quarters, but with all the time outs, injuries, delays, challenges, they run about 2 1/2-3 hours-ish.