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Thursday, January 22, 2009

What do you do?

Saturday night my wonderful spouse, Honey's Hubby, and I will be trying something new and hopefully very, very, very fun and hopefully very, very, very naughty. We will be going to a club in Orange County called Dragonsgate ( I am being open minding and going with the flow. A go-see sort of thing. Another step on this interesting journey. I am open to the adventure and Hubby is being such a sweetie. He can be the most out-going shy guy you would want to know. So yes, I am bit more wild than he, so important that he feel comfortable about anything that might happen. He is my love, my protector, and my best friend. It is no fun without him. Which is true all the time, but Saturday even more so. I am excited.

Oh, and this adventure also means new clothes!!! Yea!!! So last night we went shopping and I got two new outfits. A girl has gotta have choices. One a bit wild, corset, black & white coat, can't decide what to wear underneath, maybe nothing but the corset. One a bit... hmmm... librarian would probably be the best description. I think the second will be the choice for Saturday. White blouse, ruffled collar, straight black skirt, stockings and my 5" black patent heels, hair up, ruler in hand, hmmm, maybe I will even wear my glasses. Kind of like the girl in this video at 2:05. So, have to love my 80's music. Goody two shoes indeed, in 5" heels.

So, we will see what the weekend brings. Wish me luck, or a good time, or break a leg, or something. :)


Miss Marie said...

good luck!!! I am happy for you and I know this is a big step. I hope you and Hubby have a nice time.

Anonymous said...

aaerorider here!
I glad to read that Hubby is going along! Maybe we will be reading about it next week?

Marc said...

The lady at 2:05 or maybe more like at 2:45? Anyway, have fun.

bdenied said...

sounds like fun, and a little public play is hot...its nice to see the lady in public play with the upper hand...oh yeah and I vote for the white shirt, black skirt, ruler in hand and glasses....that is just fucking hot

acker said...

Good luck Mistress! I hope you have a very satisfying experience and that Hubby will be fine and relaxed and enjoy watching you enjoy yourself.

Miss Marie said...

OK I have been very patiently sweating out the update telling us how much fun you had....hope you had fun anyway.

Please soon....:)