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Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a Week

Work has been overwhelming this week. I am exhausted. Year end and entirely too many beans to count. And a boss that I would really like to take over my knee and use my new ruler on. Sighhhh. It isn't that I dislike my job, just sometimes it is beyond tedious. This week has been one of those weeks. When it just seems like the to-do list is increasing exponentially.

There has been some fun this week. Some chats with various naughty friends online, on cam, on voice. Acker was particularly sexy for me on his knees in red panties stroking his pretty cock. Hubby has been a lovely dear and made me happy (very happy) on numerous occasions. He is sleeping in right now here next to me. As he got home from work very late last night. But perhaps a little morning wake up sex will put him in a good mood for the day. :)

And of course last Saturday was exciting and fun as My Chargers got a stunning 23-17 win in overtime versus Indy. Sproles was amazing as he was called on after an injured LT had to sit on the bench and watch as Darren ran, caught, zigged and zagged for an unbelievable game. The punter Scifres did his job beyond belief as well keeping Indy deep back each time he kicked. When Sproles ran into the end zone during overtime I was jumping and yelling. Gotta love sports, break your heart or lift you up... it is always fun.

Today my boys play in COLDDDDDD Pittsburgh and Big Ben could prove a difficult mountain to move. I hate to wish ill for anyone. But if that concussion he got two weeks ago is still spinning little stars and birdies around his head I won't be too sad. 1:45 California time I will be in front of a TV dipping chips in guacamole and cheering loud for my team. It has been an unbelievable season so far, anything is possible. Win or lose my team made me proud here at the end overcoming poor coaching, injuries and showing tremendous heart.

Third Thursday is just around the corner. this week, the 15th here in the Inland Empire. This month we are trying a new place to see if all the table hopping can be avoided. If you are from the SoCal and want to stop by for conversations, friendship, sharing the naughty and a drink, please join us at Omaha Jacks in Rancho Cucamonga, 11837 Foothill Boulevard (corner of Foothill & Rochester) 7pm until whenever. On this week's agenda for me will be to go shoe shopping and get a new pedicure before Thursday. :) And I do plan on bringing my Mistress Honey ruler... just in case anyone is interested in a smack or two (or three).

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