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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Evening in 3rd Person Metaphor

She was excited to go to the dance. She had gotten a new dress. Not the fanciest frock, but certainly something she felt pretty wearing. Hair up, make up a little more than usual, a bit of jewelry, new dancing shoes and a smile to light a room, at least that is what her handsome date said when she walked down the stairs. He was handsome too, showered and shaved and no baseball hat, new shirt and slacks, her heart beat a little faster as he smiled back up at her.

They were the underclassmen going to the high school dance for the first time, but as luck would have it she had made friends with some senior kids and going as a group was suggested. Well now, that would make things better for nervous nerves and to help her not make silly freshman mistakes.

Dinner out before a school dance is always fun. Laughing and teasing about what to expect. Nervous giggles and shy smiles, sneaking just a little liquid courage, good thing she had her fake I.D. Then it was time to go, a short drive, a beating heart and suddenly they were just there. New senior girlfriend smiled and said, “It will be ok.” And as soon as she walked through the doors she knew it would be.

Oh, some kids were already dancing. Lights were low, music offering a deep steady beat that moved inside her nicely. She wasn’t a wallflower, but neither did she jump on the dance floor. Just mingled, made a couple more new friends that she offered small talk to, watched the intricate steps of others. Some of the crowd flitted from on partner to another. Some were devoted and clearly there as exclusive couples. Some danced wild and crazy to the fast songs, they were exciting to watch, but she knew she didn’t know the steps. Some liked the slow and sensual dances. That was what really attracted her, that was the dance she wanted to try. She noticed the popular kids that everyone liked to watch. The pretty girls with the outgoing boys and they made quite the show of their complicated dance routine for all to admire.

As the evening wound down she smiled a warm smile at her date and asked him if he wanted to dance. She found this confident boy was even shyer than her when it came to this but he gave a very tentative yes. The waited for the right song and tucked away in a darkened corner of the dance floor and danced to a slow sensual song. It was over before she knew it. They went home together, and he kissed her a lovely kiss goodnight.

And she asked him if they might go dancing again.

And he said, "Yes, definitely."

(So, yes, all this to say... I had a great time out at Dragonsgate on Saturday night. In case anyone missed what the dance was... it involved, rope and cuffs and whips and floggers for most, hands and one pretty hard maple ruler for me. Thank you to Master Ron and Sebrina for holding my hand, literally and figuratively. We will be back, and Hubby even offered that he will be amenable to me playing a bit with other partners. Anyone care to dance?)


Con said...

Very clever metaphor, Miss Honey. Oh if only Mrs. Template would desire to return to her freshman year . . .

mARC said...

Such a cute description for a hot night. Congratulations to both of you for venturing into the deep side of the pool. Have lots of fun exploring with hubby and everyone else you wish to.

Anonymous said...

aaerorider here...
Sounds like fun! With the correct motivation, I could be light on my feet. :-)

bri said...

Oh Miss Honey ,i wish You could of seen your eyes that night. You were sparkling and just beautiful.

i would love to dance with You.

perfectlips said...

You are very sweet. You really are very sweet.