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Monday, January 19, 2009

Permission to Orgasm

asyourslave shared with me at The Org a simple task. He had to mark his body in dripped wax with an H (H for Honey). An orgasm was offered at the completion of the task but this darling boy wanted to take things a step further so he offered me this...

I did not cum after the task for 2 reasons. I did not want to lose the
feeling I experienced during the task and I also wanted to wait to hear if I
completed the task to your satisfaction. Again, thank you for this task and
allowing me to wear your mark.

This pleased me and after I offered him my reply and my approval he offered me this...

When I read your message, I immediately started to plan how I will complete
the final part of the task. I tend to masturbate often (too much!) and I want
this time to be special. Therefore I decided for the next 3 days I will not
touch myself in any way (skin to skin) other than touching my face. If I do
accidentally touch myself, at the end of the 3 days, I will complete an edge for
each time I violated the rules before I come.

So, that brings us to this morning and this IM exchange that I thought was quite special in the questions asked of me, and the emotions shared. For those who share in this lifestyle primarily online this seems to be a common struggle, the why of submission to someone remote. So I wanted to share it here with you not only because it is sexy and naughty (which it is) but because I think it shares something real and of value about the experience.

asyourslave: excuse me - may I ask you a question?
Miss Honey: yes... of course you may
asyourslave: I am writing my report and have completed 4 edges (minor touching over the past 3 days all by accident) I would like to cum now with your permission
Miss Honey: oh... well now... what a delicious thing
asyourslave: I seek only to please you
Miss Honey: yes... you may cum... on your knees
asyourslave: would you like for me to eat my cum?
Miss Honey: is it a limit?
asyourslave: I have only done it once before but I saw on your blog you like your slave to do so
Miss Honey: cum on the floor... lick it up... at least one nice long lick... and that will make me quite pleased and show beautiful submission
asyourslave: thank you
Miss Honey: thank you dear, that is always quite sexy
asyourslave: I saw you like your slaves in panties - I purchased some on Saturday and am wearing only them now
Miss Honey: what color and style?
asyourslave: are the panties I purchased
Miss Honey: beautiful, how do you feel in them?
asyourslave: both disturbed and aroused
Miss Honey: tell me?
asyourslave: I struggled this weekend with my role why do I need to be submissive

asyourslave: I didn't touch myself all weekend - when I showered I wore this socks on my hands so I couldn't feel my skin, definitely not normal
Miss Honey: no
asyourslave: I am here chatting with someone (my first chat) wearing nothing but panties yet I am excited and thrilled and scared
asyourslave: why do I enjoy wearing them (I bought 2 other pairs)
asyourslave: I like the way they look on me
asyourslave: I want to please you and I don't know why
asyourslave: the way I feel is so strong right now
asyourslave: Sorry - I think I am rambling
Miss Honey: it may have a lot to do with this... I am loving and caring... I do not judge... I allow you to simply explore these feelings and these actions that make you excited... that is part of why you want to please me...
Miss Honey: it is an exchange… for my acceptance of you... you offer to me
Miss Honey: but I am also safe in a way... there is a physical distance... that allows you to share in a way that is still under your control even when offering that which excites you... you are giving it as a gift
asyourslave: But what do you need/want from us who serve you? It needs to be a reciprocal relationship.
Miss Honey: I get pleasure... I am turned on by what turns you on... I enjoy sharing... I enjoy knowing... I enjoy it when the adrenalin surges thru you... when you tremble on your knees doing what I ask...
Miss Honey: I am offered gifts of submission and that is pleasurable for me
Miss Honey: you offer to me...
Miss Honey: your emotions
Miss Honey: your actions
Miss Honey: every sped up heart beat is delicious to me
Miss Honey: I enjoy sex and sexuality...
Miss Honey: I enjoy pushing you to explore your desires and sharing those desires
asyourslave: I want to share the pictures I have taken (of your mark, the H in red wax, me in the panties I purchased for your) but am scared - I don't want to get caught. May I email them to you for your pleasure? It is safe to say you have my emotions and my actions for the past 72 hours have been because of you. and I am grateful
Miss Honey: That would please me very much... yes, you may email them to me.
asyourslave: Thank you. You have been very kind to me and I appreciate the opportunity to chat. I am sure you are busy and I have some unfinished business to take care of - 1 long lick.
Miss Honey: lol... yes... do enjoy...
Miss Honey: I would like to include this chat on my blog if you are comfortable with that... I think many struggle just as you are and I believe it would be a good thing to share
asyourslave: it would be an honor
Miss Honey: wonderful, have a nice and naughty day... xxoo


perfectlips said...

Very interesting exchange. Thank you to both of you for sharing it.

Marc said...

Cute or topping from the bottom? If subbie decides on his own not to cum, when permitted, is this a sign of reverence or is he taking control of his own orgasms?

The chatlog sounds like he made the rules, when to cum or not cum.

asyourslave said...

I’ve thought a lot about Marc’s comments since I read them earlier today. I realize I may have been wrong to not complete the original task in a single session – I had not considered that until his response. To be honest, the submissive emotions I was experiencing at the time of the task were more powerful than anything else I had experienced before and I was trying to deal with them.

As for topping from below, I have 2 thoughts. First, it is probably why I haven’t gotten my wife involved in this lifestyle. Just because I am submissive doesn’t automatically make someone else dominant. If she gets nothing out of it – I have no right to ask her to change for me. Secondly, if Miss Honey had told me ‘no’ on Monday when I asked, then I believe I would have been just as happy as I was when she said ‘yes’. That she was willing to talk with me was my reward.

Miss Honey said...

AYS pleased me and offered to me a gift. He did not have to cum by my order, it was always offered as a choice after he did what was asked of him. I do not have control of his orgasms as this is not something we have decided.

Realities of real life must always be acknowledged and I never mind a person I share with asks me questions or makes inquiries as to what might please me. Especially early in a relationship.

Communicating is not topping from the bottom.

Marc said...

I'll add my experience. I'm (almost exclusively) sub, with some experience online but little in RL. Orgasm control always was and is the most important tool Dominants used to control me.

The first long-term online Domme first let me explore orgasm control and my reactions to short and longer terms. When she knew me, she took control and gave me tasks and schedules related to teasing, edging and orgasms. And she expected me to follow them, because she intended to control the buildup of my arousal and hornyness. When she told me to cum on Tuesday I would be horny for our next chat-session on Sunday. HAd I decided to postpone my orgasm to Thursday or Friday, her games on Sunday wouldn't work the way she hoped.

Right now I am in a relationship (online again), where my Dominant and I could not have cam sessions for a few weeks. I was ordered to drain myself every three days, at the same time, do it quick. This was mostly about control, not so much about fun.

Maybe I interpreted your posting too much from my experiences. Every one is different, and what works for the two of you might not do for others. I intended to put in my two cents.

Miss Honey said...

I am glad you did put your two cents in Marc. Topping from the bottom is always an interesting subject to discuss. And we all bring to the table our own experiences. Part of the joy of this community is that we all are so open and honest and do not judge others for their desires or wants or needs.

I love orgasm control and had I told AYS you WILL cum after you mark yourself for me, well then that would have been a whole different scene and should he have disobeyed me their certainly would have been consequences. Perhaps those consequences would have only been my sharing my dissappointment, I do not really know at this time as I tend to share at the moment.

It is truly wonderful that you found someone who's desire to control you was just the type of control you wanted.

For me I can share in many different ways depending on the desires of a submissive as what turns me on is knowing and using what turns them on. Someone who wants and needs to cum everyday in 100+ naughty ways is just as beautiful to me as a sub who needs to be teased and denied for days or even weeks at a time. It isn't that I have no specific things that I like more or less, but rather when sharing in a D/s way I love to share and use a submissive persons desires in my own way. And to do that I must first explore those desires and get to them.

The reason I shared this chat was that the emotions expressed by AYS were so very real, the confusion as to why he was offering these things to me struck me as a struggle that I have seen time and again with those I have shared with and talked with online. And it seems already that is a benefit as it allowed us to discuss this and your own thoughts. I thank you for that.

Now, if you would like to write HONEY on that denied body of yours and be a Hottie for me :) I would adore it, as you clearly show beautiful passion for submission and that is always HOT.

Marc said...

Dear Miss Honey, thank you for your insightful reply and of course the friendly words at the end of your message. I understand the relationship and the orders between you and AYS much better now.

And I can only hope that you will accept, when I decline your offer. I am permitted to mingle, discuss, ask and learn offline at munches and online in blogs and fora by my Dominant. But putting a mark of someone else on my body would not feel appropriate. I feel honored by your permission, but see a potentially issue of loyalty here.

Miss Honey, AYS and everyone else who reads here: Have a nice Friday and a great weekend.

Miss Honey said...

Marc... of course I accept, my offer was if you like. Never any pressure for this bit of fun. Thank you for this exchange of thoughts and ideas. Have a great weekend yourself.

mARC said...

Miss Honey, I certainly liked your generous offer and I was tempted.

When I looked at your hotties-blog, your pets were cute and sexy and beautiful in their submission to you. It would be an honor for every sub to serve as one of your hotties.

Have fun tonight on your adventure with hubby in the club.