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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

He laid over my legs at my request. I lifted the ruler and brought it down against the curve of his ass. The sharp snap of wood against his soft flesh was a beautiful sound. His cock grew hard almost immediately, pushing against my thigh.

I alternated gentle caresses of one hand with the stinging smacks of the ruler in the other. After ten he began to moan.

He curled tight against me, head turned into my hip that he kissed and then gave a small nipping bite to, I smacked hard for that. He moved his hips now in time with my blows and his cock rubbed more and more against my thigh.

He moved then suddenly, pushed at my thighs opening me up to him, opening me up to his mouth. There were no gentle teases, rather his mouth took me fully. Tongue pushed hard into me and he followed that with fingers. I struck against his soft flesh again and again as I moaned my own pleasure from what his mouth was doing to me. He turned his body round and spread my legs wider. He teased at the opening of me with his cock, rubbing the head against my clit. I reached down as far as I could and gave a swing of the ruler against his upper thigh, the smack was loud and in sync with his pushing into me.

Thrust upon thrust was hard and deep. He lifted one of my legs up onto his shoulder, turned his head and bit at my ankle and then my instep as I dropped the ruler and dug my nails into him. When he let my leg down I wrapped both of them tight around his waist pulling him deeper inside. He nuzzled at my neck and he gave more little bites there at nape and lobe. Words were lost in the guttural growls of passion.

"I am going to cum now," he offered and was all I understood, lifting my hips up off the bed, and I grabbed the ruler from beside me and swung it again and again as he pushed inside, once, twice, and again.

Until he was still, until I was still, just our gasping breath filling the room.

He fell against me then, still pushed inside, and offered kisses on my neck where bites had stung earlier. And I reached and felt the heat where I had left marks against his pale skin.

Pain, pleasure, yes.


perfectlips said...

Lovely. Absolutely beautiful.

bdenied said...

I agree with perfect lips.....nuff said

Rich said...

A nice happy scene. both of you had a great time.

Long Adam (#2 -1/2) said...

....That was a pleasure to read.