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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Arts & Crafts

Wanted to get creative in a new way today. Saw a lot of great new toys this weekend and thought, maybe I could make something pretty for myself. A trip to the hardware and crafts store and several hours later and look... new toys. The yellow and black one even glows in the dark. No, I have no idea why I would ever need a glow in the dark cane, but I am prepared if the need arises.

Hubby likes the red one best. Just a little sting and leaves pretty stripes. I will just have to find someone else to let me really break in the others... volunteers?


Alfie said...

Some glow-in-the-dark body-oil would seem the ideal combination with the yellow cane. Pity there isn't one on the market.

aaerorider said...

I would love to volunteer. The only pain I have felt recently has been self-inflicted and it’s not the sexy kind.

Merlin7 said...

Hubby has great taste
I like the Red on too!!

Miss Honey said...

@ Alfie... I don't know about body oil, but I know a guy that makes glow in the dark (at least under a black light) lube. That would be fun to play with.

@ aaerorider... is that an actual offer? I would be interested if so.

@ Merlin... I will let Hubby know. It really is a fun one. It is made of reed grass. It will probably break after a couple of uses, but in the meantime fun will be had.

aaerorider said...

Miss Honey, It is an actual offer!

Ladyof7 a veiw from the top said...

There must be an art to using a whip! Are you self taught...or have your subjects been helpful with the training...I am very interesting in making a purchase, any hints/tips?

Miss Honey said...

@ Ladyof7... I will admit the proper and painful skill of using a whip against the skin of a willing partner is still outside my range of play. Not for lack of interest, but more lack of the right piece of equipment. They are not cheap and I have yet to invest. Whips are such personal things and most people really either love to use them or just can't. I have only used one a couple times and only cracked it in the air, and even that was a challenge. I have a friend who braids his own and I am hoping for possibly some mentoring there in the skill of whip making. I figured (probably niavely so) that if I can knit a scarf, I could plait a whip.

There are many types of whips, materials and lengths, there are primacord whips if you are against the use of leather, there are short single tails and long bull whips. Probably as many options as there are people who want to use them. The crack of a whip is an amazing sound, but to use is effectively as a weapon or as an erotic tool will take hours and hours of practice.

Now the canes on the other hand I am so very much enjoying. Advice there is avoid joints and tailbones, on a really whippy/bendy rattan cane be careful of the whip around effect. I have a couple canes now that can bend nearly in a U with no real effort and so be aware of this as you lay it down with force. And unless you mean to do it on purpose criss-crossing a previous stripe in an X can lead to a split in skin if the previous mark has already begun to welt up.

I by no means know all there is to know, but am as eager to learn all that others want to share with me.