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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beautiful Wood

It is not a playful sting. There is no mistaking its intent. You will ache when I am done. It is not for punishment though. Rather the pleasure I seek from your enduring, your offering of this acceptance. Give that to me. The curve there as you bend forward I will stroke there with my hand gently, you will push back ever so slightly at my soft touch. I will ask you in a mere whisper if you are ready. Will you nod or will you offer me back a yes that is breathless as it escapes from your lips? Your heart will race and so will mine. Again I will caress your skin, again I will let you feel my hand before I bring this beautifully crafted wood down against you. Make no mistake in thinking it will not hurt. It will. You will. Give this to me. Accept this from me. Ache for me and I will bring you pleasure in return for the offering, for the enduring, for the submitting to my will.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow, Miss Honey, that really is a sight to behold. i would happily accept that from you, and ache all the way through :).