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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Picnic...

I had considered it while I was in the shower as I had been dreaming of her all night. I wanted to see her, just her and I, and try and understand this growing attraction. I also wanted her sweet, "Yes Ma'am." to mean it. The steps were right there I just needed to move forward.

I asked her for her Master's phone number. He and I had talked about some of this perviously. He had shared with me that her and me becoming close and intimate was a good thing of which he approved. The friendship between the four of us was such an easy and natural thing. And when I talked to him it was a simple question, "I would like to take her to lunch, and I would like to ask a bit of her for the outing, will that be ok?" His yes made my heart beat nicely.

And so I can back to her on chat and told her what she would be doing this morning.

"I want you to come have lunch with me."
"I want you to pack us a lunch and bring a blanket and the lotion that smells pretty."
"I want you to wear a pretty colored bra and a white shirt."

She offered me a yes Ma'am to each of them. I could hear her sweet southern accent even in her texting on the screen.

"You will be here at noon. Park on the street, put the things in my car on the back seat and sit in the passenger seat. When you are there text me."

She again gave me a yes Ma'am. And I smiled sitting there at my desk.

"Oh, and I want one more thing. I want you to write five things you want me to know about you and bring that with you."

God, work just dragged by waiting for her text.

She is beyond sweet. Her smile brightens the day. I find it difficult not to simply lean over there in my car still sitting in my work parking lot and kiss her with passion. I want to strip her bare and touch every inch of her soft skin. I want to hurt her and then hold her close as she clings to me in space. I want her to tell me all her secrets as I need her in some primal way to trust me. There is a connection that sizzles, I can still feel it echoing over my skin right now.

All I really do there in my car with her sitting next to me is shift my car into drive and let one pinky finger gently brush against her knee there just below the hem of her shorts.

We are just two friends going to lunch. That is all you would see. Smiling, talking, just girlfriends happy to see each other and talk about the day. No big deal at all. The picnic lunch was delicious, but nothing naughty to see there.

We are more, a lot more. If you walked by the little blanket she laid on the grass under the tree I could imagine you would feel the electricity. If you knew that each choice she made about lunch was an act of service so beautiful, you would be jealous with the thought that having that offered is an amazing thing. Each simple act she gave me that morning was special. She remembered pickles. That is perfection.

And we talked, and she read me her list, and we talked. I wanted to lay her back and show her my passion. I had planned more for the outing... never got to the lotion or the pens in my pocket or the things I wanted to whisper in her ear. Instead I gave her all my attention. I listened to her. This is how it will work, I need to hear her fully so I can know her truly. And in knowing her I will know how it will work for us. We are not on an easy path. The boys must not be ignored. There are four of us in this relationship. There are two of us in this relationship. There are four of us in this relationship. We all weave together in an amazing way. He lays next to me now. He lays next to her now. And maybe tomorrow she will lay next to me. We weave together and it is beautiful as the patterns emerge.

I kiss her softly there under the tree there on the little blanket in the grass. I know I have taken her by surprise. She doesn't quite kiss me back yet, but her smile tells me what my heart already knows. There is so much more to come.

On her post on her blog she offered that this simple line to the end of her post ... to be continued...

I do absolutely love those three little words.

And so...

To be continued...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Honey

This sounds very exciting. And the safety, the controlled environment, just makes it even more exciting. And your writing (both of you). I am very envious of you both.