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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Whip It

Yes, I know it is a terrible picture (hubby's camera on his cell phone in low light), but it is the only one I have and it is worth sharing for a reason. This is me last night. It is the first time I held a whip (yes, there is a whip there is my raised hand), and I made it crack with a sound that was at once a turn on and strangely powerful.

Dove allowed me the use of his beautiful self-crafted whip and he offered the patience to demonstrate (repeatedly) the technique for its use. I understand as with any skill hours of practice is required for proficiency and I will not be using one on any live person tomorrow. But I do have to say after a number of ineffectual swishes through the air and several more attempts on Dove's part to get my wrist and arm and body in sync the moment the tip cracked with a beautiful loud pop was a delight. It almost feels as if you are controlling some bit of something primeval, electricity or the air itself and that was a lovely rush.

And I didn't whip myself in the eye and end up as a pirate, or smack myself in the back of the head, or launch the thing into the big screen TV. And considering there were four men and one cute girl standing and sitting there commenting on nearly every swing, I think the chutzpah of me just trying should be applauded (okay, go ahead, give me a small clap... thank you!).

Hmmm... maybe I need a whip in my toybox, yellow and black braided leather perhaps. No, I don't know where or when or on whom I would use it, but I know you have lots of tools in your shed, just in case you need them for that one job. And just practicing with it would be fun.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, whip it good.

That just popped into my mind. Not sure why.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you're enjoying yourself.

Would be interesting to hear what it's like to be on the receiving end. Just mildly interesting, in a kind of academic way.

Anonymous said...

Miss Honey, what a nice image of you with a whip :) i have heard the sound of a whip cracking behind my back and i must tell you, it is a sound filled with amazing power, i still remember shaking a bit from it, especially as i didn't expect it. truly a dominant's voice in that sound!