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Sunday, February 8, 2009


I have spent most of my weekend working on a painting for my friends Sebrina and Master Ron. We had a lovely evening at their home on Thursday night where I took a series of photos of the beautiful Sebrina for reference for the painting. After much discussion and review of the images it came down to two. I printed them both out and picked one to work with.

I was so beyond nervous to even begin the portrait of her. The thought that this might turn out badly was a thought that was hard to push down. But finally I just began. I lightly sketched the outline and began to paint. I kept getting up from the paper and paint walking away to try and steady myself. I just didn't want to screw it up. I avoided her face for over an hour. Focusing instead on her legs and arms. She wore a beautiful leather corset when I photographed her and capturing the depth of the black leather was a challenge. I started with a wash of indigo blue and layered on black in sections leaving the blue still showing.

At some point I knew I had to work on her face. But this is a moment that is scary for me. Capturing what someone looks like is a bit overwhelming. I really was worried I would end up with a portrait of Charlie Brown, rather than the beautiful Sebrina. But I took my time, and she began to emerge.

I will save the final finished portrait for another post as I want Sebrina to see it first. But I think I captured her serenity and her lovely submission for her and her Master. At least I did my very best, and hope they like it.


Symblemine said...

Wow, it's such a beautiful painting :)

I love how you did the corset, it looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

i love You Miss Honey..You are very special to me.
Thank you for this beautiful present.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive. The face is beautiful.