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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Short Story from asyourslave

At 6:15pm I was exactly where Miss Honey told me to be - naked, kneeling on the floor of the hotel room. In my ass was the medium red butt plug she told me buy and I was also wearing the black silicon teardrop cockring.

Miss Honey was very specific in her instructions. We would meet for no more than 30 minutes. I was to arrive at the hotel and check in no later than noon. When I got to my room, I was to make sure I was completely naked with no watch or jewelry before the door to the hall closed. Lucky at noon, there was no one else in the hallway except a housekeeper several doors down. I was to remain naked except for the butt plug and the cockring until she arrived. At every hour starting at 1, I was to stroke my cock for 20 minutes but not cum. There was to be no TV or radio the entire time. When she arrived, there was to be a chilled bottle of sparkling fruit wine and a plate of strawberries. In order to avoid having room service see me naked, I brought a cooler with me with all the requested items. I choose a Canella Bellini hoping the peach flavor of the wine worked well with the chocolate dipped strawberries I brought. Miss Honey was also specific, there was to be only one glass as I was not going to have any of it. Finally, I was to have two leashes ready for her to take: one attached to a dog collar bought earlier and the other attached to my cock. If she found I had violated any of these rules she would leave and we would never chat again. I cherish those chats and was bound and determined I would not disappoint her.

At 6:30, I heard the door to the room open and the moment I had waited for these past months had arrived. I was going to meet the woman who had me do things I never thought I would do. She entered the room and I was immediately entranced. Her face showed beauty and strength. She was wearing a white blouse, unbuttoned enough that I could get a glimpse of the tops of her breasts. Framing her breasts was a strand of pearls that looped around her neck and fell gracefully down her front and disappeared in the blouse. The skirt was black, tight and ended at the top of her knees and her legs were delicately wrapped in black stockings that made me wonder if there was a garter belt under the skirt. Her shiny black leather shoes were ones that I will remember forever for two reasons. The first reason is because of the 5 inch heels that were gold and the second reason is because of what she did with them later that evening.

Before she approached me, she poured herself a glass of wine. As she walked over to where I was kneeling, I started to tremble. The plug in my ass, the cockring and all the edges had taken a toll on my nerves. When she stood in front of me, I offered her the leashes. She took the leash attached to my cock and led me to near the sofa. It was then she spoke for the first time. Her words were, as always concise and to the point, “Keep your eyes on my shoes until I tell you otherwise.” As she sat down and crossed her legs, I stared at the shoes and kept staring for what seemed like an eternity. What made matters more difficult was she played with my cock and balls with the tip of her shoes. She pressed the heels into my thigh and stomach, squashed my balls to the point where I thought I was going to pass out and she kept trying to flatten my cock with the sole of her shoes. No matter how much it hurt, I was living my dream and was determined to take whatever she wanted to do to me.

And then it happened. I made a mistake. She uncrossed her legs and I tried to steal a glance up her skirt and she caught me. She yanked the leashes and told me to turn around so that I was facing away from her. The tone of Miss Honey’s voice was something I had hoped to never hear from her. I was devastated – I thought I was about to lose something I cherished for a stupid adolescent attempt to catch a glance of her panties.

She instructed me to remove the butt plug and stick it in my mouth. I have never done that before but did not want to risk further upsetting her so as quickly as possible, I shoved the plug into my mouth and closed my lips around the narrow part of the neck of the plug. Once I had done that, I felt her heel invade my ass. She started to pump the heel in and out of my already tender and now burning ass. After a couple of pumps, she told me in a firm voice, “Stroke your cock but if you cum… we are done forever.” There I was, naked in a hotel room as Miss Honey fucked my ass with the hell of her shoe, sucking on a butt plug that had been in my ass for more than 5 ½ hours and stroking my cock. Miss Honey has made me masturbate many times before so she knew exactly how long it would take for me to cum. So after stroking for 5 minutes, she told me to turn around and face her but keep stroking my cock. When I did that, I was facing the same shoe that had been in my ass. She lifted my head and with a smile said, “Clean the heel now with your tongue.” I removed the butt plug and started to put it down and she yanked the chain again. “I didn’t tell you to put it down – it goes back in your ass.” Luckily there was enough saliva on the plug and my ass muscles had stretched to handle the plug all afternoon, I was able to get it back in with a little struggle. I will confess – it hurt doing that but I would not disappoint Miss Honey again.

With the plug in my ass, she instructed me to keep stroking my cock and start cleaning her shoe. After several minutes of cleaning she seemed to be satisfied. At this point, I didn’t care what I was doing – so what if I was licking a heel that been buried in my ass. It belonged to Miss Honey and that is what she wanted so I did it. When she could tell I was about to explode, once again she yanked the leashes. Her instructions were to cum on the tip of her shoe. If any missed her shoe, there would be severe punishment. I tried to brace myself and line up my cock with her foot and held my breath. Cumming was easy at this point and I got all of my cum on the tip of her shoe. Just as some was about to drip off, she said, “Lick it before any of it drops.” Eating my cum had never been an easy task for me until I met Miss Honey but under her guidance, I have learned to love it and I happily cleaned her shoe until there was no evidence of my orgasm. Once it was cleaned, she stood up and said, “You fucked up and tried to take something that wasn’t offered. I have decided that we will continue this relationship but expect very difficult tasks ahead as you will need to prove yourself to me.” With that she walked out the door, leaving me exhausted, scared and eager to learn what she had in mind.


I do so adore reading erotica, and a naughty story written just for me... well that just warms the cockles of my heart. If you enjoyed this, do let asyourslave know what a good boy he has been offering this for me. Oh, and I asked him for one picture to illustrate it. So do check back as that should be in my inbox in just a couple days... as soon as he decides which part he will provide. I just love creativity.

Oh... look... he sent me a picture of a cute little cock all leashed and ringed up just for me.

1 comment:

subslut to Master said...

You wrote as if you really want Miss Honey to take you. That is sexy. You are quite the slut wanting this, that is sexy too.