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Monday, July 14, 2008

Am I Strict?

Today I was asked by online message...
"Are you strict? What are you favorite punishments?"

This got me thinking... Am I strict? Well, I don't really know.

This is what I answered...
"Strict is a bit in the eye of the beholder or the bottom of the reciever.

Let's see... I made my boy hold his cock for 36 hours (not consecutively) before he could cum again for touching without permission. I made my girl stand in the corner with clamps on her nipples for quite a few minutes for going potty without asking first. Is that strict? Just seemed appropriate at the time.

Oh, and I made her cut up all her ugly old too big panties because I just didn't think they were sexy at all. Then she had to make a rope with them and bind herself before she was allowed to orgasm... that was a fun day, but was I being strict? Hmmmmmm.

But I do tend to share with people who want to please me so punishment hasn't been at the forefront of the relationships. I like to be obeyed, but I do tend to share what turns people on so being told NO, or not being obeyed hasn't been a real issue.

If you link from my blog to acker and marie you might see more about what and how I share and decide if I am strict from their perspective, at least in an online environment.


So I am wondering...
What do you think the definition of a strict Mistress or Master is?
What would you want a Mistress or Master to be strict about?
If you are a Master or Mistress (or whatever title pleases you) are you strict? In what way?
What is your fantasy where you are as strict as you want to be or that person who dominates you is as strict as you desire?

Now answer one of these questions... NOW! (using my best and most strict Mistressy voice)

1 comment:

Marie said...


This is an interesting question, which I basically answered for you yesterday. I think you are the perfect blend of strict, caring, loving, for me. I think this question really depends on the one you are with. Someone else who does a task for you, may find you too easy, or too hard, but I find you to be perfect for me. I think you are strict as you need to be, not a dictator type of strict, but the type of strict to hold me accountable when I need to be, to enforce me keeping my rules and to let me know sternly how you feel at times, especially if you do not like how i am being treated, or something that has happened. But most the time, we are just two people sharing, you in control and me surrendering it, and since what we exchange is all mutual deep down, I don't look at you as what some might consider strict. I see you as being strict with me as needed and the rest of the time, just enjoying what we share. To me, that is the closest you can get to perfect.

I wonder what others will say...suprised there are no other comments yet.

your marie