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Monday, July 28, 2008

My boy acker Begging by Email

My sweet naughty boy acker is on vacation with no computer access for a time. But he does have a phone that sends and recieves emails... so if he wants to play with his little cock he has been told he will have to beg me that way. Here is the first of the begs (which he knew before it was sent that I would be posting), and only two days into vacation. Such a hot and horny boy, good thing I love that about him.

Hi Mistress,
your slut has arrived safe and sound. I hope all is well with you. Please know that you are in my thouhts and heart. My last cum (that I allowed and watched via webcam) has been so great that I feel relaxed about that. I think that a begging letter will be inevitable however... Your slut is so easily aroused... Give marie a kiss and two for you.. Your feet maybe? Xxoo

your boy


My sweet boy,
I am so happy you are all safe and sound and I love that you are thinking of me my dear boy. I gave marie your kiss, she misses you too. I look forward to your first begging email...mmmm... I do like it when you beg for all that you want to do to please me. Do be a very good boy for me. I know you will make me proud always.



thank you so much for your lovely reply to my mail. I jumped when i read it.. And my little cock jumped too for you. Now your boy cannot hold it much longer Miss.. I feel so hot and horny right here. Your slutboy begs his Mistress to be allowed to spill his cum in the toilet by humping his cock between the lid and the seat of the bowl. Of course your boy will be a good one by cleaning the bowl first. Is your slut allowed to do this for you, please? I am all hard and ready here for you. X


Yes... you may. Be very naughty for me darling. I am posting this to my boy's blog so he will remember how he loves to beg me.



Oh thank you so much Mistress. My orgasm was very good today. It was quite difficult to achieve but all so lovely when it hit me. I am very grateful to you for it. Hope everything is good over there. X your boy

1 comment:

acker said...

Miss Honey,

Thank you so much for allowing me these two wonderful orgasms when I was away this week. I really had some fun for you and I am so grateful for it.

Thank you very much,

Your boy