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Monday, July 21, 2008

Serve Me?

would love to serve you

That was all he said, I didn't even rate punctuation. But how on earth could he do that, serve me? He didn't know me. He couldn't even serve me a cup of coffee, because he doesn't even know that I don't like coffee. Really... come on, I could be some psycho crazy Mistress who's favorite kink is to cut off his big toe and make him wear it around his neck on a chain. Or maybe I wear them. Maybe I have a whole necklace of submissive's big toes that I wear for special occasions. EWWWW

Okay... I don't. I am not psycho crazy. But maybe he is. And do you think I would want to get to know someone before I accepted any offer to serve. This was all I got... these few words. Doesn't really make me want to do anything but hit the delete button.

Now I know it is hard to reach out to someone blindly. As hard as saying hello in a bar or at a coffee shop, maybe harder. But, my point is this, if you want to communicate with someone, want to maybe consider offering yourself to them in any kind of relationship. Perhaps you might consider getting to know them first and allowing them to get to know you. Don't start out offering to serve me. I wouldn't let you serve me a coffee, let alone your pretty ass, without getting to know you.

Okay... fantasy hello letter here... I am not saying this is what he should have sent me... but come on something more than... would love to serve you

Sample letter to consider...

Dear Miss Honey,

I have read your profile at (Where he contacted me.) I have read every blog entry you have posted on your Honey's Hive Blog. You seem wonderfully articulate, talented, sexy and very naughty. (Flattery never hurts when dealing with any woman, this is a bit much, but hyperbole is often necessary to prove a point.) I know you have subs online and are not seeking any one new in a committed relationship, (See this proves he read what I have put up.) but was hoping you might consider a friendly relationship and maybe someday you might consider allowing me to serve you in some way in relationship to the D/s ways that you seem to love to share with your online submissives.

I am new to this life but am eager to learn more. I love to be told what to do and what to wear. I like to be told to stand in the corner. (Insert personal kink here.... come on entice me a bit, what do you like?) I have my own blog at if you would like to get to know me better before you reply.

Yours respectfully,
John Doe Submissive

1 comment:

acker said...

Dear Mistress,

Of course you are totally right when you say that friendship and a certain level of trust should come before you could submit to anyone. I agree with that vision so much.
In my opinion this is true especially in a loving, caring relationship that I know we, You, marie, myself, and many others, seek online and in the flesh. In a certain way I got angry when I read your post because it just seems that some people apparently think that you offer a kind of service to them they can ask for... this thought makes me mad Mistress!
At the other hand, it is nice to know so many out there envy marie and me that much :)