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Sunday, July 13, 2008

And he Obeyed

Thirty-six hours of holding his cock. That was what my boy had to do for touching when he wasn't allowed -

It was a long time. Well at least he thought it was, I thought it was just perfect amount of time. Okay, I did get a bit generous with my boy. I allowed him to write me a story. Every ten words was worth a minute. And he wrote the sexiest story with a theme of Domination that was very arousing, was very hot. And I offered to him that he could smack his adorable ass, one spanking equaled one minute, with a couple smacks to his cock just to please me.

And so this weekend the time was complete, my boy had done all I had asked. And it was time for his first orgasm in many days. There were instructions... on your knees my boy, chain collar on, naked reading that story you offered to me with your hand on your cock, three smacks and then cum on that story that you put between your knees.... and he shared all of this with me on webcam.

And here are the final results of my boy obeying all he was told to do. He took it all for me and gave me so much back, submission, acceptance, pain, pleasure...

I am so proud of my boy.


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Marie said...

how beautiful and sexy acker!!!