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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pish Posh... Only a 5.4

Well now, that was fun.

It has been a while since we have had an earthquake of that magnitude here locally. 5.4 is a decent sized trembler. I do live in Southern California and this one broke, rocked, rattled and rolled not but 10 miles from where I am sitting right now.

I am not really the panicing type of gal though, so I just sat here at my desk and watched to see if the water in the goldfish bowl was going to slosh over the edge... it didn't so I stayed put (ok, not the most accurate Richter scale, but what I go by for my panic meter), but I did push my chair back in case I needed to duck under my desk. I did watch as several of my co-workers went running out of the building, not one of them stopped by my office to drag me along. Chivalry may be dead, but I am not!!! YEA!!


bdenied said...

Funny, I was in LA during the Whittier quake in 1987. I was actually at a hotel near Redondo Beach. I woke up...thought...earthquake....interesting and went back to sleep. Next morning I said to the hotel clerk, so we had a little earthquake last night and the clerk said, "No it was acutally quite big." What was I to compare it first one and since then two more small 1. something and 1. something again..

Anonymous said...

Hi Hone

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your sense of humour, its great!!

We had an earthquake here a while back in the middle of the night. I think it was about 5.2 in magnitude (but I could be making that up in my head). It was very scary yet I new straight away what it was even though I'd never been in one before.

Keep smiling


Curious said...

Hey Honey ..

I am glad that you are ok .. I had forgot you lived in Southern Cali.

Its been some time since I have been in an earthquake .. I now live in hurrican land .. let me tell you .. I will take a quake anyday!!!

His Angel