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Sunday, July 6, 2008

What They Did For Me Today

acker waited four day's for his orgasm. But I wasn't entirely mean. He could play with that sweet cock of his all he wanted. Oh wait, that probably only added to his frustrations. Well, hmmm, perhaps I am just the tiniest bit mean. But really, all he had to do was exactly what I asked of him and he could cum for me. Curious... do read his blog post and offer a bit of your support to this very good boy -

marie was a naughty thing for me today. Such a hot and horny slut who was so very desperate for an orgasm and a nice bit of pain. I loved listening to each and every smack of that wooden spatula as it struck against her wet pussy. I loved telling my slut to give herself just five more after I finally allowed her to cum. Such a greedy thing she is for an orgasm... take a look for yourself and let her know what you think about what a naughty girl she is -

I was so pleased with both my darlings today... so horny, so slutty, so very naughty for my pleasure. I was proud of all the offered, all they endured and all they shared with me, for me.



Marie said...

I loved today Mistress....being your greedy horny cum slut, willing to do just about anything to cum for you.


Vixen said...

Miss Honey how lucky your are to have such a wonderful girl and boy, and how lucky they are to have You

acker said...

Oh Mistress... all the readers of your blog just have to know that without your support, guidance and help, I could have never done this... be this obedient for you.
Thank you for all... and for the nice post here with my picture. Love it!