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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beautiful Submission

What is beautiful in submission? Why is a submissive beautiful to me?

So many are worried their bodies are not perfect. I say... show me you... I want to see you. And the answer comes back. But I won't look good, I am embarrassed by my ________... and there is always something to fill in that blank. I can only shake my head and say to you, that if you offer yourself to me, if you give me what I ask for then I will see all the beauty that is you in your submission to me. It isn't about your body, it is about your heart, your soul. What you offer and what I receive. I desire this. I want this. I desire you. I want you.

And sometimes that means you dress for me in a way you find exciting. If you heart beats faster slipping on those pink silk panties. Show me that intoxication that you feel. Do the stockings sliding up one leg and then the other make you feel sexy? Then I will see this sexiness in what you offer to me. Share that with me and the beauty will be there as you offer me your desires. Do not think that for a moment that I subscribe to what society tells us is beautiful. Know me better than that.

Is it the ropes binding you that cause every nerve to tingle? Show me. I care not one bit about a rounded tummy or thigh bigger than a supermodel's. In fact I delight in that tummy, those soft thighs... or you pale skin, or large breasts... long legs... small hands, tiny pink nipples... all that is you is beautiful. And seeing a wrist bound at my direction held high above your head or pulled achingly behind a back is the loveliest of sights for me. As is a myriad of other poses and ways to display the beauty that is you that you and I will come to desire.

A toy filling a willing body that is spread wide for my inspection. That is gorgeous. That is the offering that fills me with delight. The clothespins pinching delicate, soft skin... that is what I see, what I want, what is lovely. Trust me to find you desirable. For the beauty is in that moment of giving... that amazing showing that you are offering me everything.

My heart races at this, my arousal is peeked by what you give to me. I see all that you want me too. Fat, thin, pretty, ugly... these are useless terms when we share in this way. For it is a cock, a pussy, an ass, a breast... these are parts of you as much as your brain, your heart, your lungs... they all are you and all of you is beautiful. Each piece of you, the whole of you I want it all and ever so much more. When you use your body... all of it to give to me, that is the beautiful thing. Your mouth sucking, your teeth biting, your hands touching, hard cock, wet pussy... your parts make up your whole being... why would I care what size you are? Again I say each piece of you is beautiful and the whole of you offered to me is what I desire. What I find beautiful is always your submission.

And the you I am speaking to... is you, any one of you whose heart is racing now. The you that feels my words and knows that I am right, that you are beautiful exactly as you are because I would see you and know you and all that you desire to offer.

What is beautiful about you? What do you have to offer?


Sam said...

I could offer you a picture or two, so next time we are tasking at Academy you would know a little bit more of me, and I would be more than just a name.

And I would if I just could.

I you want this and you have an email address that you can send to stranger, mail me and I will invite you to read my blog.


a little about me.... said...

Oh Miss Honey, I loved this post because you know that I have struggled with this very issue....and when the time came that I was first sharing witb you on web cam, I was only a bit shy, and after the first minute that shyness went away and I felt comforable with myself doing that with you. When the time came, I knew you only cared about my submission and sharing with you, and that you found me desirable because of that. I felt like my body was not an issue, all that mattered was what we were sharing and that you were pleased.

Anonymous said...

I find male submission utterly beautiful. I used to think I was the sub but when I got a taste of dominating men I found where I really want to be. One of the best experiences I ever had was the first time a man submitted to me and went over my knee for a spanking. I found a little bit of heaven right then.

Thanks for coming to my place I will check back here soon.