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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Kissed a Girl

So I had an interesting real life experience last night.

For those who don't know, or haven't figured out yet. I am a Dominant online. I share with both boys and girls (yes, yes... women and men... but I like the term boys and girls one under 21 please), finding both very, very sexy. Real life I am married to a great guy and we have what I would classify as a hot and spicy vanilla marriage. He and I are not D/s but rather we play and share when in that way when we are in the mood to play and have fun. Would I like more than that? Sure, but he doesn't so we have found a balance that works. He knows all about me as Miss Honey. I could never and would never want to hide this part of me from him. He finds what I do with friends and submissives online hot and sexy and likes to hear of all the fun I have.

All that said, I have not had a real life bi-sexual experience. Not that I wouldn't like to, but I have never actively sought it out nor has anything spontaneous ever happened. Until last night.

Okay... on to the telling. Really it wasn't that big of deal. At least in terms with what I have people do for me everyday in this online world. But, it was fun and exciting. We, hubby and I, went out to a local sports bar to watch the Laker's (NBA Basketball Finals) get their asses kicked all over the parquet. And we were having a fun time. The place was loud and people were having a good time... heck it was still the first quarter so us Southern Californians still held hope and cheered the score.

And she was flirting. This girl at the table who was a friend of a friend. Flirting with just about anyone. Apparently her husband was out of town on business and she was determined to make the most of her night of freedom. Long curly hair, pretty light freckled skin, nice smile... and she was flirting with me. Well now... this was interesting. So I flirted back. My husband was there and winked at me a couple dozen times through all this. He knows I like girls and like most red-blooded hetero-sexual males... isn't opposed to watching two girls, even if one is his wife. And then... the flirting turned to touching. Just occasional grazes, hands and fingers on my arm for just a bit longer than necessary. Oh... this is getting even more interesting. Then she leaned in close and purred into my ear, "You are hot." as she gave the tiniest lick to my ear. Yeah, that is nice. Now, I can take a hint. And I did. I turned to her, smiled, and said, "I like it like this." And I took her face gently between my two hands and leaned into her and gave a soft kiss, my tongue grazing the crease of her lips. And she gave a sweet sigh.

And that is it. I know, I know. You want more. I should have taken her home, made love. But really, that kiss was absolutely perfect. Just enough to get my blood all nice and boiling. She is married, her husband is out of town, and she had probably had a bit too much to drink… heck, I had my share as well. And so, I didn't do anything more, but I did have the most luscious of kisses. Because I kissed a girl, gave her no choice… took it… and enjoyed it very, very much. And that small, sweet sigh told me she did too.


a little about me.... said...

Love this story Miss Honey, i can only imagine being a fly on the wall of that bar....:) Of course, part of me wishes that I was her last night.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm i love it. It brings back such fond memories of the first time i kissed a girl. :)


Lily said...

Honey, that sounds so sweet! Sometimes the simplest experiences are the sweetest.

~ Lily

The Muse said...
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