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Friday, June 27, 2008

What I did on my Friday...

Work, work and more work. Wow, boss was out of the office all day and I hardly got to play at all because of all the To-Do items on the list. Okay, shhhhh don't tell... but I did sneak in a bit of fun and naughty today.

Early in the day I found a bit of time to watch my girl slip two toys into her two holes... pussy and ass... and put one more toy vibrating away right there on her needy little clit with nothing else on but just a pair of panties pulled up very nice and tight. Then all she had to do was cum, using no hands. Well now, that was too much fun to watch. Took 28 minutes of wiggling, and bouncing and every other gyration that might help keep that vibrator humming away in just the right spot. She wasn't sure it was going to be possible, but I know her and her desperate need to cum. And cum she did.

My boy and I talked to yesterday on the phone. It seems there was no one in his office for quite a while in the afternoon. So like a very, very good boy he begged me to allow him to cum for my pleasure. Hmmmm noticing a pattern here? And he was allowed to, as long as he sat there at his desk to accomplish the request. Oh, he was so sweet when he said, "Please Mistress, may I cum now." Too yummy.

See now, this brings up this subject again... I just don't get this whole debate over real life vs. online life. Both have so many pros... and of course each has its share of negatives as well. But I share in so many meaningful ways with those I care about and who offer their submission to me. I see them, I hear them. Yes, yes, you are right I do not touch them. But they feel me, my control. I am feel them, their caring, their sharing, their offering and their wanting to please. Hell there are many marriages I know of that have less contact on an intimate level then I do with my sweet naughty ones.

Nev and I also shared a session with a new sub tonight. Clothespins, corn on the cob, belts and large, hard plastic spoons, to just get your imagination going... were all employed. Unfortunately due to the thunder in his hometown somewhere in heartland middle American waking someone in the house the session was cut short. But it was so delightfully fun up until that submisses interruptous.

Ok... time for this little Mistress to say good night before I fall asleep here at my keyboard.

What did you do naughty today?

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