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Monday, June 16, 2008

Just an Average Monday

Oh, good lord, what a busy day at work today. I felt like a whirling dervish as I spun from one thing to the next. Sighhh... but it is all taken care of now. I work in an office... every day, Monday through Friday, seven in the morning until four in the afternoon. I have my own lovely big office and so I have a modicum of privacy and get to sneak in to the websites I love to visit and chat a bit with various friends online. In the real every day world I am an accountant. I have worked at the same company for fifteen years and enjoy my job, most days. Hmmm... think I have any issues involving change?

And speaking of... change, quite scary and upsetting at times. It was for a good friend of mine this weekend, last night actually. She was told that her relationship with her online dominant was going to change due to his real life changes. We have chatted and shared a bit over the last few weeks and so when this sudden change happened she came to me. After much discussion and me telling exactly what I would expect I have accepted her into my life as my submissive. Any new relationship brings with it excitement as well as uncertainty. But I feel very good with this decision and happy that she has become mine. marie will be a good girl for me. And I do love a good and naughty girl.

And my boy is back from vacation. I missed him... boytoy left me alone for 10 days traipsing across the great outdoors. Well not quite all 10 days, I was so thrilled when he managed to get a wireless signal at one campground and find me on IM. Just finding the bit of private time I am sure was a challenge. It is this kind of effort that just pleases me to no end. We just chatted, but he cared enough to make that effort. Such a good boy.

So, now I have two submissive committed to me and adore them both. I love sharing online. The give and take, the offering and the accepting. Would real life be better? I don't know. A possible essay of substantial proportions may be necessary to explore that subject. What do you think about this question?



Anonymous said...

Real life 100% better in my opinion. But sometimes we can only do what works for us at the time and don't have the scope for more.


MissHoney said...

Love that you shared this opinion Mina. I have played a bit over the year is a D/s way with willing partners... but only... well... play, the occasional scene.

What I hope for some day is someone who lives near and wants a relationship that will meld into my life in a positive way.

But you are so right, we can only do what works at the time and be open for the opportunities when they come.

Hugs to you,