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Thursday, June 26, 2008

My One True Addiction

Ohhh... I simply love to get my toes pedicured (that may be redundant as only toes can be pedicured... hmmm...). Every three weeks I go in and the girl pampers the hell out of me. Oh, pure heaven, scrubs and hot towels, warm swirling water lulling me into a state of bliss. Warm oil and her tiny strong hands massaging the balls of my feet, my calves... each toe... sighhhh. Better then just about anything. Well, maybe that one thing is better, but I don’t pay for that.

I am truly addicted. I would forgo paying the electric bill before giving up my appointment. It hasn’t ever come to that, but I have my priorities well in line in this regard. I think so any way.

So here is this week’s perfect pedicure. I got a bit bold with the color. It is summer after all (which really has nothing at all to do with having green toes) and thought this was too fun.


Dimas said...

MMM Beautiful and well worth the money

About Me.... said...

Oh Mistress, you know that I love this picture, that I lust after these beautiful feet of yours, blushing, and I am so lucky that you shared this picture with me before you even posted it here. So beautiful.

Sheen V said...

Beautiful! Simply gorgeous! I'd love to kneel before you and enjoy your feet in any way that you would allow.