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Saturday, June 21, 2008

In the Mountains

I am up in the mountains today. My mom lives in a lovely little mountain community and it is such a treat to escape the heat and hectic life of the "flat lands" and get up here where the air is cooler and so much less smog. I do love Southern California, but this is a great place to come.

Nice too that I can use her computer and check up and keep up on my subs and my friends. marie has been busy for me. You can find her blog linked on my Links List. An issue came up about her feelig sexually aroused by a woman. So we have been exploring that a bit more. I find woman so incrediblly sexy and sharing with them is a treat as they can be so emotionally charged. That makes the D/s experience all the more better for me. Take a look at what she has offered there on her blog and if you feel inspired offer a comment of support or your experience. I think sharing with each other is one of the great perks of being online. So many diverse and unique view points.

Another friend of mine online creates graphic art and we were chatting. I asked him to create something that represented me. The image on this post is what he gave to me. I was so honored. Thank you, Dimas!!! :) He said this... "It represted your may sides but at you core is a heart that is unyeilding, the four circles are like bolts or rivets that hold the core you in place." Wow... how nice is that? :)

Well, time to go help in the garden. The lettuce is ready to be picked. Will make a lovely salad to go with the salmon and couscous I am making for dinner tonight.
:) Honey

1 comment:

Dimas said...

I'm Honored Mistress Honey that you asked me and that you liked it enough to post it here. Thank you for that.