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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wants & Desires

When approached about having a committed online relationship I had to think about what I wanted and desired. The items below were what I offered, minus a few things specific who I share with now.

I think this is worth sharing with those who are thinking beginning such a relationship. And for those who want to know about what I want and desire.


I want to learn and grow together, both in a D/s sense and as people. Through the exchange of ideas, actions and communication about all aspects of what we will share as I offer and you offer... as I take and you give and as I give to you and you take from me.

I will respect your real life and expect and demand for you to make that a priority, both in respect to your family and your job. I expect you to communicate fully any issues as they come up immediately if something I have asked, or we are sharing is creating a conflict with either family or job that can not be overcome, the small issues and the large.

I demand honesty.

I require and want full and complete answers at all times. In an online environment more information is always better than less.

I desire you when reporting to share the actions of what you have done for me, with me, but also thoughts and feelings… again… more is always better. I want you not to censor yourself just on the assumption I don’t want to know something. If you feel it, think it… whatever… share with me.

I want an active and appropriate attempt on your part to make contact with me when you are able. If I am on IM you will provide me the courtesy of making contact, even if it is just a brief and courteous hello. I don't want to chase you. And on that same train of thought, if I am not on and you are thinking of me, or have a thought to share or something you have done I like emails and such to show me what you are thinking and when. There is no minimum or maximum I am expecting, but for this to be a worthy thing for me I need contact.

I want you to tell me if you want something. I don’t consider this topping. I like to know what you desire, what you want. Obviously there is a difference between expressing your desires and begging… and while I may or may not give it to you, allow you to, right that moment all things you think of… I want you to express in someway all you do desire, fantasize about or think would be interesting to try. Whether that means a weekly/daily list of naughty ideas or some other way I want this from you… on an ongoing basis. It turns me on to have you turned on and sharing those ideas is necessary.

I require you to fulfill your commitments to me timely and should there be some real life issue that prevents that for you, I expect you to fully communicate that issue and find a resolution as is practical.

I want you to start a blog as a place to put your thoughts and feelings, your actions and "tasks" that are given. A daily (or as is appropriate) journal of what we share I will expect photos as are appropriate to chronicle activities and others that may be desirable to me of you posted there. I expect you to take on this without my direct instruction, but rather, you’re sharing the knowledge and experience with the understanding that I will be reading daily and you want to please me.

While I do not mind a style of communicating that is fun and light, I do desire your respect and a level of submission that allows us both to maintain the relationship in the appropriate way as submissive and dominant. There may be times when I demand more should some situation require it. That said… if you feel some time you need me to be more “Mistressy” communicate that. I tend to like people and just talking/chatting (as you have I am sure noticed) and just as you have to get into a sub place of mind, I sometimes have to get into a Dom place of mind.

I desire your trust, which I understand is not an automatic, but I believe with us both being open and honest with each other and if a commitment is made you will trust me as I will trust you.

I want you to understand that there is no time limit of this. Every day is a new day, and like with any relationship if one of us is unhappy then we will talk and work out that issue or part company as friends.

I may want in the future more… via webcam sharing, maybe a phone call on occasion… but this will be worked out as we explore and grow. But for it to be good and real for me… I will want to share with you in more ways than just email and IM. I make no commitment or promises at this time with regards to a real life meeting, but we will discuss it just as we would anything new and adventurous for us.

I desire that while you are committed to me you will understand that I do not want you playing in a D/s way with others online or real life without my knowledge and permission. That said, I will give that permission easily and do want you to explore and share with others and then let me know how any time went. I like you naughty and kinky… I want you to be so as often as in as many ways as you can. I may even order you to share with others in this online environment and will expect you to represent me well. I want you to also understand clearly upfront that I will continue play with others and share online as I have always done. If I do take any other sub on in a more committed way while with you I would communicate and discuss that with you and would only do so if I was confident it would not effect our relationship in a negative way both in terms of time and my ability to provide you and myself with what we need.

Communication is the key... and in all ways I demand that of you the most.

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