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Friday, June 20, 2008


When I thought of what to say at the top of this site under the Title I took a while. It seemed so simple, but was harder than I thought. Then I came up with...

A place to share, learn, and grow. A bit of daily, a bit of musing, a bit of me.

So today... a bit of me... as my poetry and sharing it makes me feel a bit vulnerable. Not in a bad though, just that I am exposing parts of myself tender and often a bit raw. I hope you enjoy this piece. It was written after a discussion with a close friend and former lover. It is always a bit amazing how just a few words from the right person can make you feel so very alive and so very tender. Tender in the bruised and battered soul way, or the sweet and easy breathless way.

So, I offer to you... a bit of me....



I dreamed of him last night,
of mouth and hands, fingers pushing.
Him on knees, face against the swell of belly
grasping arms around thighs pulling tight.

I dreamed of devouring bites.
He took great mouthfuls of me.
Not the gentle suckles of youth
meant to seduce but rather the
deep sinking of teeth into the
most exposed parts of me.

I dreamed of the giving and taking of my
limbs; offered one by one like sacrifices.
Though to what Gods he prayed I did not know.
Until at last there was nothing left
but a small fragile core.

And then I woke, quite unsure
if that last vulnerable piece of me
he would consume
or simply leave untouched.

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