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Monday, June 30, 2008

And marie Moaned

And now a bit of Non-fiction for your reading pleasure...


marie lay on the bed with legs spread wide as I watched her. I had told my sweet little cum slut sub to play until she needed to orgasm. And then she would have to beg me to be allowed to have that orgasm.

First she showed me the toys. A big, thick dildo the perfect shade of man, head round, shaft long and the whole thing ready to fill her tight pussy. And the little bullet vibrator, so innocent looking. Shiny white plastic, long cord and little control box. You could keep such a thing tucked in a purse or pocket and none would be any wiser that the lover you wanted the most was with you. In fact I had only last week made her take that toy to work with her. Poor marie was so worried she would get caught with her sex toy at work. She does like to worry and I do like to use that for my pleasure.

"Show me how you suck cock," I said to her. "Get on your knees, put your lover on the bed, and give that plastic man a good blow job." And my girl didn’t even hesitate. Her only question was which angle I wanted to best watch her be the slut I so adore. Position settled on she wrapped her lips around that cock and took it deep into her mouth. She licked and sucked and showed me that her sexual talents don’t stop at the masturbation we usually share. Up and down she devoured the toy with lips, and tongue and no teeth even for this cold bit of unmanned phallus. “Now, your hands,” I said. “Show me how you would please a man with your hands.” And her, yes Mistress reply pleased me very much. Slick with the wetness of her mouth her hand easily gripped and slipped up and down that toy cock. And I knew any man would be pleased with the ministrations of my slutty girl on their own hard tool.

“Good girl. You obviously know how to please a man. Now please me and fuck yourself until your need is so strong you simply must beg me.” She lay back and with no ceremony, no soft lead up on thighs or teasing of clit, she plunged the fuck toy into my girl’s wet and wanting pussy. The sound of it was exquisite as she plunged it in and out of that dripping cunt. Each stroke I could hear as it hit against her wet folds. With each thrust deep inside she moaned, and moaned, and moaned.

But as much as my pussy slut loves to have herself filled up well, it is the vibrations of that little bit of plastic that sends her soaring. And so when she moved the small egg to her clit the moans grew. Her head thrashed and her legs tensed, her chest rose and fell as her breathing grew rushed pushing towards panting. Wet, hot, horny. Needing, wanting, growing desperate. Such a good and naughty cum slut girl for me.

And then she began to beg. Each word a frantic plea as she teetered there on the edge. “Please let me cum, Mistress!” Over and over she repeated this mantra. But I had told her at the beginning. No answer, meant no, she couldn’t. She was not allowed until I gave her permission, gave her a yes. “Oh, God, Please let me cum!” Again and again came her cry, mixed with the most desperate moans I have ever had the pleasure to share. Her hand never stopped moving that vibrating toy as she pushed it hard against her swollen clit. She knew that what I wanted to hear. It was the fighting of this impending orgasm the holding back as her body’s growing need to fall over that edge that pleased me so very much. “I need to cum, please… please… please… Mistress!!” And marie moaned and sobbed and cried out her despair to be allowed, to have me give her the permission.

And so at last I gave her that one word, “Yes.”

And I watched, and listened and was so very pleased with my cum slut sweet little girl’s exquisite moans. And marie did so beautifully moan over and over as she came and came and came for me. Such a good girl, my girl.


About Me.... said...

Wow Mistress, thank you for writing your take on sharing this with me, and for posting this. It makes me blush only a little, because I do enjoy being a cum slut. Reading this again, makes me want to cum again so badly. I just may have to read this later when I masturbate and cum for you tonight Mistress.


cassandra said...

Lovely imagery as your slut started to fuck herself

The sound of it was exquisite as she plunged it in and out of that dripping cunt. Each stroke I could hear as it hit against her wet folds.

Visual AND audio! Very, very hot. Thanks for sharing it with us.