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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Brownies & Other 3rd Thursday Stuff

So Mala brought his digital mobile recording studio to this month's Third Thursday. We had a bit of fun testing it out. The above recording was the reading of the label on the brownies Crowe brought to share. I said next time I would bring something a bit more.... interesting... to record. But this was fun.

Mala as Third Thursday's official Club Secretary took a few notes of the various discussions that took place so I will quote his meeting minutes here (so glad he brings a notebook).

  • I need to locate an ASCII art conversion program for Miss Honey so that she can test it out to see if exceptionally naughty photos, when converted to ASCII art, prove to be titillating while also managing to actually increase the level of frustration in the viewer. Suggestions of such programs are welcome, but I'm guessing it'll come down to the traditional Google search.

  • 'Half Nekkid Thursday' should be supplemented by 'Full Naked Friday'.

  • There was discussion about changing the 'Third Thursday' concept to 'Fourth Friday' in order to increase attendance, and to maintain alliteration. If you think this might increase your chances of making it out for the evening, please speak up.

  • The song "Santa Baby" should never, ever be sung by a man. The only exception would be raging drag queens in an appropriate setting.

  • Whispering "I want to kiss you like that when you cum" in some one's ear is a damned good line. Even if delivered by a professional stripper looking to get a better tip, it still carries a pretty impressive impact.

The January meeting will be on the 15th at Omaha Jacks in Rancho for any Inland Empirians who want add to the conversations or any other additions, naughty or nice, that seem relevant at the time. I think I will make a small sign to put on the table "3rd Thursday" so we don't miss anyone... sorry Larry.


aaerorider said...

The credits.... I'm going to be smiling all day!

Anonymous said...

The converter sounds fun. I just googled for "ascii art converter" and plenty of OK ones turn up you can use from the browser.