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Monday, December 15, 2008

Just His Boots - Microfantasy Monday

He sat silently next to me. The gag of my wet panties tied with my left stocking filled his mouth. I drove slowly down the dark two lane road. The party had been fun and I was charged up sexually and knew my darling was as well.

“Take off your clothes.” I said gently, but there was no doubt it was an order and that made him jerk a bit.

He took off his boots first. He was proud of those boots, a deep rich black snake skin. He always acted a bit more… macho… when ever he put them on. Even tonight watching the show put on by the Andersons there by the patio door he had rubbed himself against me. I had felt his hard cock pushing against my hip as we stood and watched Claire getting a whipping that left many at the party gasping. It only took a few more moments after the boots came off for him to be naked sitting there with the interior light of the car shining on his pale skin.

“Put the boots back on.” I spoke even softer. I could see him lean toward me to catch my words. The boots went back onto his feet. I slowed. Took a look around outside. Yes, there it was the big sycamore. Yes, exactly as I had planned, just two miles from home. I eased onto the shoulder, put the car in park turned to him and said simply…

“Get out.”


Written for Microfantasy Monday #6 at Sweltering Celt - Theme this week... boots.


bdenied said...

Honey....I hope there is more to this story......because where there is smoke there is fire

calais said...

eeeek!! 2 miles is a long walk home nekked lol but I love the short story and it's possibilities!

Kyle said...

bravo! Very charged up scene, builds up nicely.. Love the boots, very sexy.. reminds me I need a pair of black boots for my collection.

PantheraPardus said...

Oh, what fun. :) I like it.

Wilhelmina said...

I love the suspense... :)

vanimp said...

Haha ... dammit now I want to know what happens x