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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Things For a Naughty boy to Do

So I just spent some time offering acker seven posts. That is one thing I do like about Blogger, you can post things for the future and they will publish at the date and time you set.

Sharing online in a D/s relationship can be an interesting and often difficult thing. It is done a bit in fits and starts as life and living permits. But the joys of the internet can not be denied in facilitating such a relationship. There are blogs, text chats, voice chats, voice chats with webcam, email, pictures and videos... lots of naughty possibilities. But alas no touching and hurting there with my hands his body. Time zones must be overcome, as he is 8 hours away from me. But the submission is as real as anything. He feels me in our unique way and I adore him for all he does offer. We share an experience that is meaningful for both of us. He is such a very good boy and I am honored to be on this journey of exploration into his desires and my wishes together.

So I set him with small items that will push him and please me for the next seven days. Each will post at 12:01 a.m. California time if you care to follow his adventures this week on his blog.

Today for me he will...

"Find me three naughty pictures that show what you would like me to do to you if we could be together. Add their links to this post.

Spank your pretty body with something wooden 40 times in no more than 4 different spots.

Write me a letter with your delightfully wicked pen hurting you telling me why you offer your submission to me. Take a picture of it and if it isn't visible in the picture type what it says.

When these are done and it is time for bed, you may kneel on your bed, orgasm onto your sheets and then you may lay there in that lovely mess I allowed and go to sleep."

1 comment:

Miss Marie said...

Well now this is some naughty fun I will be sure to follow :) Have fun you two.