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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Incomplete Thoughts

The knots I tied were not secure
I cried as each fell free
I thought perhaps to bind
my heart but such things
are never really possible.

The knots I tied were not secure
I only wanted to give everything

He sat in the chair. Nothing but red silk ribbons holding limbs down. He was stronger than these bits of silk and if he pulled they wouldn't hold him for a moment. But he was as bound in this moment as he had ever been with leather or rope. She felt in control but it was just an...

I dreamed I was on fire and no one saw me, no one felt the heat, no one...

He had told her truths but she struggled to understand what it all meant to...

I had a dream last night... you were sitting I was standing I kept trying to tie your hands and the binding just slipped lose like watered silk. Then I tried rope, but it simply broke as if made of only paper. I only struggle with this all because I don't know how to be. My sexuality makes me feel bold and confident. Without it I feel...


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Honey

Placing these fragments together has a strong melancholy effect on me. Like a car trying to start. Is it a literary experiment? Is it insomnia (I had that bad over the summer)? I feel for you.


Miss Honey said...

You know PL... it was just me writing. It came as a response to a conversation about desire and wanting. About when one person wants something more or different than the other can offer. About really listening and really saying what you mean.

I was trying to get some perspective on it all from my POV by writing creatively. I tried not to self-edit during the process, just to let whatever wanted to flow... flow. I opened a word file and began with the poem. Then didn't like that and moved on to a more narative piece. Then thought a bit about what I had dreamed where I was clearly upset but not sure why.

Being dominant doesn't mean you know everything or understand everything, and relationships are so very complicated.

So I just allowed these to flow until they didn't any more. None of them really gelled, but as a whole I think they say something about where my head was in this moment.

Confused... yes... but also coming to terms with the realities, in a way that worked for me. I posted these, pulled the post, then posted it again. It really is all an incomplete thought or well, thoughts, but it did help me.

And while I am not sure if I entirely answered your question, maybe this helps you to see a bit where my head was when writing.

Anonymous said...

The piece works well. Instead of depicting how you feel, you have acted it out. The post and your comment contain a lot of what I find attractive about you. xo PL