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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Symblemine Being Naughty

To start visit this link for Symblemine's Voice Project on Photobucket -

So you may know that I shared online tasks at The Org. A lovely site where I develop various naughty ideas that touch on a variety of kinks. The members there who desire to share with me will ask very nicely and then do what I have instructed and reply back with the details. While sharing in this way is not for everyone, I certainly enjoy offering the opportunity to those who do want this a place to do this.

Symblemine (one of my delicious Hotties) shared with me my Task - Days of Denial - she made this lovely little recording above that I simply find delightful. So nice to know I made such a sweet girl so.... what was her word... argrrrrrr.

Here are the details of what the task that she did for me. She gave very sexy reports each evening, but if you want to read all those you will need to join The Org.


Items Needed –
One pair Girly Cotton Underwear (no thong please, these should be new for this task)
Kitchen timer
Five different fruits and/or vegetables
Bullet vibrating toy
Dildo and lube as necessary

Task –
This task will last 5 days. You will report daily at the end of each day.
Boy’s you will wear women’s panties every day. The same pair all five days, all day every day. They are to be cute, so a pastel color with flowers or some girly pattern, not a thong. I like a boy in panties, I think they look so cute hugging a boy’s buns and show his cock and balls so nicely as they strain against the low cut. If you are a girl….well, you are going to have to cut a little, a hole in the crotch of a cute little girl looking pair. I like the idea of something girly and naughty all at the same time. The same pair all five days all day every day.
First thing each morning you will put on only your panties and kneel where you are comfortable, it should be a different place each day. Pull your panties down to just below your bottom and you will masturbate to an edge there on your knees for me. You have 11 minutes or your edge which ever comes first. I think beginning the day, thinking of sex and me is a nice way to start.
Each day at lunch you will find some privacy and take that day’s fruit or vegetable and perform oral sex on it for me. It can be any fresh food item you want but do be creative and different each day. Half a peach that represents a pussy, my pussy, a banana that you deep throat, a tomato with a hole cut in the top that you think of as a tight little asshole. Whatever way and food item you can think of… do get creative. You will think about sex and about offering pleasure to someone who is dominant to you as you do this for 4 minutes. When you have finished you will eat at least half of this phallic substitute.
Each day you will rub up against two different things to get aroused and one other thing to find your edge. That is three times a day you will rub your sex against something for me. I so like this idea. Handle of a broom or vacuum while you clean, on your knees between your mattress and box springs, hole of the paper towel roll filled with jello… I don’t care… I just want you to be naughty and horny and oh yes… denied. I want you thinking about sex… but you can’t quite have it.
One half hour each day you will if you are a girl have your bullet vibrating toy inside your pussy on low or if you are a boy in your panties tight against your cock and balls on low. This should be on enough to get and keep you aroused, but not enough to take you over the edge.
Each evening you will take your dildo and fuck yourself with it. Oh… but do get creative. I want you to think about me and if that toy was strapped to me. So find a new and creative way to fuck each night. Stuff it tight in cushions of the couch and ride, duct tape it to a wall and back on to it. I love to see you get naughty and nasty for me. But, no cumming. Just find an edge, as close as you can get. You may stroke your cock or pussy or use the vibe as well to get there but NO CUMMING. This is me taking you for my pleasure to use you, not for your orgasm.
Each night before bed you will lay naked and spread eagle for me. You will choose a different place each night to lie. Because I like you naked and spread eagle and being somewhere other than your bed is sexy. And while you lay there open, and exposed and ready for me to do just about anything I can think of to you. You will think of what you would want to do for me… or for me to do to you that you would take from me. Fantasize for me. And while you do stroke your body, all over, except for your pussy or cock and balls. You will lay there on the floor thinking, fantasizing, touching your body for 18 minutes. Set your kitchen timer… then don’t worry about the time. Just feel yourself, imagine how you feel to me. What we could do together.
And on the final night, the 5th night you have two options. After your day is complete and you have done everything for me you can lay on the floor, fantasize for those 18 minutes and when the timer goes off you may stroke and play with your pussy or cock until you cum. Or you can just do as every day before this and only stroke your body and fantasize. So yes, there is a price for cumming… for making that choice. If you decide to cum this night, night 5, you will be denied an orgasm again after this one I give to you for 5 additional days. If you don’t cum on this 5th day, if you deny yourself just once more you will wait, 24 hours more and then give me the orgasm you have waited so patiently for. Just one more day and then you will cum again any way you want.

Reporting –
You are to post daily after your time spent there spread wide on your back. You commitment to me is to report every day about that day’s experiences. The what, the where, the how… all the details, thoughts and feelings that I love to know and you want to share. And of course that fantasy you thought of as you lay there spread wide and open for me. Your report at the end of day 5 will obviously tell me which choice you made. Then based on that choice you will post one more time, either in 24 hours or 5 days later after you take the orgasm I give to you. Either way is acceptable and the choice is yours as long as you commit to the consequences.

1 comment:

Symblemine said...

*gasp* I was scrolling happily down your blog after some time away and suddenly BAM! I think I actually did cough and splutter when I read the first sentence, even went back to do a double take! I feel so honored that you would share here in your blog the voice project thingy that was made during your task!

i just had to go back and read those reports! What a hard task! If I could have the choice all over again about requesting it I would say HELL YES all over again :)

Thank you for sharing and allowing me to perform such a fun, interesting, and delightfully hard task for you, Miss Honey! ^-^