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Monday, December 1, 2008

Another Loss, a Nice Day Anyway

Another loss. But the tailgating was fun. Another loss. But the hot dog and peanuts were good. Another loss. But the weather in San Diego was gorgeous. Another loss. But there were some great plays and cheering for your team is always fun. Another loss. But the cheerleaders were cute. Another loss. But Hubby kissed me a lot. Another loss. But we met some very nice people who cheered and groaned with us. Another loss. But... but... but... oh, sorry... Fuckin' Norv, god damn son of a bitch couldn't coach is way out of a wet paper bag.

And so we are 4-8 and any hope for a spot in the playoffs is dashed.

But... we had a lovely time, Hubby and I, and my toes looked cute.


Merlin7 said...

Never mind!!!
Im still hoping my Patriots steel a play off place!

And yes your right. You toes look sensational!!

Anonymous said...

I really love your sports writing! Better luck with your next game.


p.s.: I love women with hairy arms!

Miss Honey said...

LOL - PL... I am sorry I will have to disappoint you just a bit and tell you that is Hubby's arm on my leg.

I know I didn't provide a very good game analysis. I could have gone on about lack of defensive pass coverage. About L.T.'s failure to penetrate up the middle. About our poor time management and lack of urgency in critical situations. And about Norv's idiotic decision to go for 4th and 3 when he should have gone for the field goal. Or his decision (another stupid one) to go for the two point conversion which was unsuccessful. Those four points alone would have made a significant difference at the fouth quarter. I could talk about how Turner, who we should have kept after last year, was outstanding and hurt us with both his intensity and his drive.

But instead I think I will just say... another loss. :(

Anonymous said...

Who cares about football. Thanks for showing your beautiful feet again.


Miss Honey said...

I think it might be possible that I care about football.

And thank you for the lovely compliment.

so-cal blues911 said...

that is one funny post! Keep up the great work...

vsk witness said...

As a fellow San Diegan, I can only say two words. Bill Cowher. OK, that and "lovely ass." That was for the HNT post above

Miss Honey said...

mmmmm... what lovely sexy words. Don't they roll so nicely off the tongue... Billlll Cooowwer... mmmmm