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Monday, December 1, 2008

Microfantasy Monday - Stop

An open invitation at The Sweltering Celt for Microfantasy Mondays.

She says on her blog... Every weekend, I’ll post a theme for Microfantasy Monday. It could range from vanilla to a double scoop of rocky road with extra nuts, but it will be a theme. Whether or not you choose to follow the theme is up to you.

DO describe in however much detail you want a single “snapshot”, if you will, of a sexual scene.
DO let your inner (still) camera zoom in or out as much as you want.
DO post here in the comments once you’ve posted.
DO try to comment on others’ MMs.
DON’T describe the whole scene - leave something for the imagination!

Having said that, enjoy yourself - this was originally a way for me to overcome writer’s block and start thinking sexy again. There are no requirements, there are no lofty expectations. Just a few sentences is all I ask!

This week: implements of torture.

So... I went for using a toy for pleasure and in the end I think the stop is quite torturous. This is actually a bit of a cross post with an ongoing story at The Org with Angel.


She was exquisite as I began to take her with the vibrator, she held her arms behind her back as she had been taught. This left her vulnerable to all I wanted to do to her. The toy that I used to fill her wet cunt was pleasantly large and looked lovely sliding in and out of her. She was a slut for this bit of plastic. Only a few strokes and she was already at the edge of orgasm. Her moans grew louder, and then she began with the little pleases.

“Please Miss Honey, please.” I took her arm then and pulled at it gently, led her hand there to the front, replaced my hand on the toy with her own. She was so lost I was fairly certain she wasn’t even aware when she took hold of and began to thrust the toy in and out of her spread open sex. And she did so with near brutal force. Her hips were pushed forward lewdly, her head was thrown back, her mouth open.

I took her other arm and guided her hand to her breast. She was so lost. Pure sex this one. “Please, please, please.” She pulled viciously at her own nipple as soon as it came between her fingers, twisting and pulling at it, her fingernails pinching cruelly. I loved this moment, when a she was nothing but sex and need and want.

“Please, please… oh, fuck, please.”

And then I moved very close, leaned in until my mouth was next to her ear and said a word that I knew would be like a slap to her. “Stop.”

And the sweetest sound in the world was her desperate moan.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, quite torturous. I can see the expression of disappointment on her face . . .

Ms. Honey, you are an amazing artist; you have painted a wonderful scene with your words.

PantheraPardus said...

Now this is gorgeous...I enjoyed looking at this scene from both viewpoints. Thank you!