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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Sporty Night

Yes... Hubby and I were out to another sporting event. We do enjoy a good game, all sorts of games... naughty and vanilla. There is a new sports arena just a few miles away that is now home a minor league hockey team of the L.A. Kings.
Tonight was opening night. We had a really fun time and great seats. Ate too many peanuts and a really stale pretzel (how a pretzel can be stale on opening night I would like to know).
Now... time for a few kisses and then sleep.


Alfie said...

I think I could develop a foot fetish!

Miss Honey said...

Well Alfie, I certainly want to support that sort of behavior. :)

So maybe this post will help -

I dp what I can for the cause of fetishes.


MissandMisterKinkY said...

nice shot! hockey and heels! alliteration! goes together just fine ;)

Merlin7 said...

Yeah after seeing youe sexy red painted toes. I could get a fetish for feet