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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Writing Task - Sharing a Dark Secret

One of the ways I share online is creating and having performed for me Tasks as The Org. And if you are searching for that kind of interaction please stop by and create an account and when you are all set, do say hello. I love making new kinky friends there.

But I thought perhaps I would offer one of my task that I have posted there here. This is a writing task and so thought it might inspired some of my readers to be writers as well. And I do LOVE a good naughty bit of erotica. So... I offer to you to...

Share a Dark Secret

I believe it is in the exploration of our darkest fantasies that the experiences of sexual sharing can be heightened. For knowing what you desire can help you find what you want to more fully delve into. One of the ways in which we can explore those fantasies is by searching deep within ourselves and expressing them through writing. And I so enjoy a good very dirty story. This Task a bit of a place for you to go into depth to explore more of your sexuality.

Task – Write a 1000-3000 word story in which you share your darkest fantasy. Take a bit of time and think about what you want to happen to you. I want a fantasy that you would actually be willing to do should the right circumstances arise. This situation can be highly unlikely to occur, but, should all the planets align, it should be something you would follow through. What turns you on the most? Come up with a scene in which your fantasy can play out. I don't just want a description of your fantasy but rather you to create a story (beginning, middle and end) in which your darkest fantasy is woven into your words. Describe in detail the sights and sounds, the smells, your emotions. Make it real for you and it will be real for me. Write your story in 1st person. First person means using the pronoun I rather than he or she for the narrator. This makes it more immediate and personal. Make your story past tense… as if it has already happened. Don’t forget to spell check and read it out loud to self edit.

Example – I knew that Karen wanted me when she moved up against me at the party. She leaned in close to me, her breath teasing against my neck. My heart beat wildly as she whispered into my ear a suggestion that I never before had dreamed possible. It seemed to be only a moment later when I had her tied, spread eagle on the bed with a whip in my hand….

But there is a little more to this than just writing... write your story on the computer and print it out, make the text small enough that it fits on one or two pages. Fold your printed story in half, and then in half again and again at least 5 times until you have a small rectangle, then put a small rubber band around your folded piece of paper to keep it closed up tight. Now take your story and plant it. Dig a shallow hole under a tree that you walk by every day. You don't have a tree in your yard? Don’t have a yard? Okay, plant it under a houseplant or a flower in your flower box outside your window. The point is to put it under a living thing that you see everyday as if you whispered your secret to the world. Yes, I know you will be sharing your secret story with me, but I accept you for the naughty girl or boy you are. What about the rest of the world, for many of you, they don’t know your darkest fantasies, what you really are deep inside. But what a rush to tell if you really could.

Offering to me– After completing this Task you will email your story to me... you can find my email there on my sidebar ----->>. Then in the comments of this post offer up your experiences completing this task. Did you really have to search deep for your fantasy story, or have you had the same story inside you forever? Did you consider reading your fantasy story to someone close to you before you buried it? What did burying it represent to you? Was it freeing, a kind of letting go? Or did it show how much you hide of yourself? Have you walked past where you buried your story since? How does it feel knowing it is there... like a part of you waiting for someone to find?

If you have a blog you may certainly post your story there, and I would love for you to add to the comments here, where you will tell me of the experience of doing as I offer to you, your link to your story on your blog so we all can share. I will not be posting any of the fantasies offered to me by email on my blog as I know for some of you they are very private, I will leave that to you who have a blog to do if you so desire.

Have fun with this and I look forward to hearing from you soon if you decide to share with me a dark secret.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This sounds very exciting. I'm going to have to do some thinking about what the secret really is, and then find some time to write well about it.

I have several ideas already....