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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Smelling Like a Woman???

This scent Vulva (the name is on the box there just in front of their... boxes) and website - was shared with by a friend on my Ohhh... the Scent of Her post (thank you sophie).

My curiosity is this. I am a woman. And I have a healthy, clean who-who (fuzzy, pussy, vulva, vajayjay... or any other name you want except for that C one... can we just avoid that one), so I am wondering why I would need a scent to make me smell like a woman? I kind of do I think... smell like a woman. Of course it does say.... "the erotic, intimate scent of an irresistible woman".... maybe that is it, they are playing on our womanly insecurities. Hmmm... bastards.... men must have had a hand in that line.

But I really think their marketing campaign is focused in the entirely wrong direction. And I think some of the delightful sissy gurls who I know come and visit me here would be their target demographic. I mean you are creating a scent that makes someone smell like a woman (and I have not actually smelled this product so I am entirely unsure about it... this is no endorsement). So advertising for those who desire to be woman for a bit or for 24/7 but genetically weren't blessed with the power of a pussy might be just the buyers they should seek.

I am curious if anyone has used this product? Does it smell like a girl... a girl in the throes of passion, a girl just freshly showered, or just freshly fucked? I need to know, but really don't need to spend the money.

Oh, who am I talking to... you all are still looking at the picture.


Anonymous said...

As mentioned below in a longer comment prefer the real thing instead of the smell. For everything else there is perfume and water if you don't have any perfume.

Note the natural human smell is by far more attractive then any perfume ever will be as our smell receptors are still "programmed" from ancient stone age times to react to the other sex via smell and not to CK one or all the other "stuff".

Ciao :)

bdenied said...

Never heard of it but girls don't need to do anything to make them smell better down there....the pleasant perfume of a woman is hot on its own.....I can smell it now.....hmmmmm, heaven.....