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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Retagged... A Dirty Talking Post About Music I Like

First a Warning - This post does not have the words cock, pussy, fuck or threesome in it. Wait yes it does, in that sentence, but now... will you read any further? (But maybe farther, something about distance that can be measured, but my dilemma is words have a length and so they can be measured. FARTHER denotes physical advancement in distance. FURTHER denotes advancement to greater degree, as in time. Ahhh, but I digress, and still want to know if you can digress... can you gress?) It is 3:30 in the morning just let me ramble and maybe I will put one of the words cock, pussy, fuck or threesome in this post... ha, put them in twice, now you have to read the whole thing.

Oh, the point of this post... I just got re-tagged by the sweet and naughty Vixen. Who missed my first 7 random facts clearly and doesn't know about my threesome with the identical twins who I did fuck & suck, or my use of the battery operated toothbrush to tickle my pussy, or... no, can't fit the word cock in this sentence, sorry. Digressing again.

(For those wondering on the use of the random dirty words, I got the rudest little email from some shitty little boy/man about how I was an ok writer but needed to use more dirty words... so, here you go darling... even though this post is about 7 things I learned when adding links for music I like to my blog, dirty words just for you, fucker. And I don't care what you say, I will not use the word cunt... ever... ok, for those of average intelligence, irony... which isn't a dirty word.)

So, since I already posted the rules to this game of tag and my 7 tagged friends (which was really 8) on my post... Tag... Sure I Would Love to Play... I will just get on with the 7 random facts.

Things I figured out when posting a link list of music I like over there ----->>
  1. I like acoustic guitar and mandolins. I never considered this before, but now realize this as 52% of those songs include that acoustic sound (no, I didn't acutally check the math). That said a mandolin is a unique sounding little instrument that must be used in moderation.
  2. Most of the songs on my list would be consider fodder for Oldies stations. And more than a few were popular significantly before I was of any age to even make music choices, and some before my birth. And still I am drawn to them. I wonder of the music psychology of that?
  3. I have the albums for 92% of these songs. But it just about exhausted my album inventory to come up with this list. The point is, I really don't buy a lot of music. But for all of these I like all the music by these artists and in searching for these songs, the related links of most all could have made my list as well.
  4. #3 leads me to my music shame, I do not own any sort of portable MP3 device and have never downloaded a song to make it mine, and don't know how. I am sorry G, I know you are more than disappointed in this shame of my life.
  5. While I only have two classical songs on my list I listen to classical music almost every day for 22 minutes a day on my drive home. I just makes me peaceful and calm after working all day for an asshole (hey, another dirty word).
  6. I am mundane when it comes to music. Probably 3/4 of these were on the Billboard top something list in their day, the definition of popular I would think most could agree. And most of these songs have a similar feel and sound. Nearly all are understandable/sing-out-loudable, and I believe that is because I like the poetry of the words. But, I will listen to anything someone offers to have me hear or wants to share. And I love the rhythms of music in many forms.
  7. I put this list there on the sidebar to make me happy. I like listening to music while I write and lately this is where I write. So if you like something I put there, nice... but not everything is about you.
  8. Ok... one extra... Jump, Jive an' Wail is on the list as Hubby and I took West Coast Swing dance lessons. Yes, I can dance too.


bdenied said...

well that was a great fuckin post.Even though you did not mention fucking, sucking, pussies or cocks. I loved it anyway.

Merlin7 said...

love the post. Only just done your 3 queations a week!!!

Love the idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea for a sidebar! I shall go and listen to all of them.

Interesting what you say about classical music. I listen to mostly classical stuff, but a bunch of guys sitting around playing violins does not make a good youtube video. Also, I don't think I would ever ask a visitor to my blog to sit still for 20mins to check out some Shostakovich. What classical do you like? (me: some of Bach; Haydn & Beethoven; Wagner; soft spot for the Russians; Shostakovich; maybe some moderns (Xenakis, Berio, Eliot); can't stand Brahms and the strand after him: Mahler, Schoenberg, etc.; would like someone to explain what is so good about Schubert).


Anonymous said...

Just listened to "Lay Lady Lay". v nice song & video.

When I was a kid my Dad had Nashville Skyline and I must have listened to it hundreds of times.

In my twenties my sister's boyfriend (an effete arty intellectual) told me I looked like Bob Dylan in Don't Look Back. I nearly nutted him and he had to try & explain he meant something nice (I was a little highly strung in those days).

I shan't write reviews for the rest of your list! ;)


Miss Honey said...

Oh... PL... I am sure to disappoint you with my selections, your videos on your blog are always so wonderfully unusual.

Re classical, I like Beethoven and Motzart (piano concertos a lot). I like music that swells and is overwhelming that I can turn up so loud that it fills me up. Shostakovich Jazz Suite No. 2 is lovely. A bit of Tchaikovsky and a pinch of Brahms. I like classical guitar. I really like waltzes for some reason. I mostly just listen on the radio and am at their mercy. Oh... and when I am in a bad mood I will put on one of my classical albums I keep in the car and play O Fortuna - - as loud as my speakers can handle it. Always makes me feel better for some reason.

Miss Honey said...

"I shan't write reviews for the rest of your list! ;)"

Oh... feel free... except if you are going to tell me it all sucks except that one Dylan.

Anonymous said...

Wow. An intelligent, sassy, sports loving, classical music listening, poetry reading, dirty talking, sexy Fem Dom who enjoys exploring the darker side of her sexuality. I'm blown away, Miss Honey.

Anonymous said...

> I am sure to disappoint you with my selections.

You jest. I just noticed Mustang Sally: Mustang Sally is huge! Very muscular: why do you like it? I'd never heard of Sharon Little, but now I'm going to go through all her stuff on youtube and

And any waltz. Waltzes a revery sexy.


Miss Honey said...

>You jest. I just noticed Mustang Sally: Mustang Sally is huge! Very muscular: why do you like it?

I fell in love with Mustang Sally the first time I heard it. I love the beat of the bass... just throbs with intent. Makes me feel in control, and sexy to move to it. I love the harmony of the "Ride, Sally, ride" chorus. I like just about every version I have ever heard of this song. If there is ever a live band when we are out, Hubby will always see if they play it. And quick.... what year did he buy her the Mustang?

>I'd never heard of Sharon Little, but now I'm going to go through all her stuff on youtube and

Sharon Little is wonderful. She was actually the opening act when we went to see Robert Plant and Alison Kraus at the Greek Theater just a few months ago. I loved her sound and bought her CD. Ooh Wee is my favorite cut off that but have yet to find a decent post on the web of it. if you are interested in more of her songs, they have 90 second cuts from her album.

Anonymous said...

>And quick.... what year did he buy her the Mustang?

Uh ... pardon?

Miss Honey said...

Mustang Sally - Lyrics -
I bought you a brand new mustang
It was a nineteen sixty five
Now you comin' around to signify a woman
Girl, you won't, you won't let me ride