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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Spontaneity Gets Me Again

I am shy, and quiet and prone to bouts of self doubt.

I am outgoing and friendly and very sure of myself.

I am a vanilla gal with an every day job and almost grown kids and a hubby.

I am a kinky Mistress with several subs devoted to Me and others who seek me out for various bits of naughty fun.

Yes, I am all of these. And primarily I have shared online. Oh, a little play in the privacy of the bedroom with Hubby (see his pretty pink cheeks several posts below this one). And a bit of real life here and here... very little. But a recent post on struck me as well... something to dive into.

Here is the Thread Post by mala....
Given the vast amount of area covered by the term "Inland Empire" (an area larger than some states) and the absence of any recent posts on the subject of getting a meeting going, I have been wondering if anyone would be interested in smaller, more local meetings. It doesn't have to be anything major, but it'd be nice if it would at least be something. I've certainly been itching to find people willing to brainstorm crazy toy and furniture designs, and I can't imagine I'm the only person who'd like to have an option for conversation without any of the typical restraints required by "normal" society rules. Perhaps even the idea of a fairly regular weekday meeting at some sort of laid back hangout? From what I've seen most of the members here are over 21, so it could even be at a bar instead of the typical places like a coffee shop or, the most generic of all BDSM group meeting locations, Sizzler.

Life is, as they say, what happens while you're busy making plans, so it'd be nice to make the planning short and start doing something. Are people here just too busy to meet, or has there just not been enough motivation and momentum?

So I read that and since I am from the Inland Empire (an area just East of Los Angeles) I really dove in... to the deep end. Here is my reply...

As I have always shared this side of me online I haven't previously sought out any real life avenues. But I think a social thing, just getting together talking, making new friends who are naughty and nice would be terrific. Please God no Sizzler though, I think if you end up in Purgatory that would be the restaurant there.

Weekday evenings, or weekends would be great, nice not too loud bar (and not too dive-ish) would be nice too.

Of course all this makes the shy vanilla side too shy for words, but the outgoing Miss Honey side is ready... (really not a split personality).

Lets say the third Thursday of the month at.... McAlans in Alta Loma (Haven & 210)... 7pm.

Yikes... did I just type that! Ok, I will be the tall blond, with the perfect figure and the killer black leather corset. (No, not really, reddish hair, just a little rounder than I should be, nice smile... but really find me by my toes, look on my blog for latest picture.) I will know you are fun and naughty and kinky and looking for a friend as you will be the one looking at all the girl's toes.
Just for drinks, chatting, and such, not looking to take anyone home. But also not restrained in topics of conversations.

Maybe I will be sitting alone (well Hubby will come with me) for an hour, or maybe 16 new kinky friends will show up. It is an interesting experiment at least. Third Thursday, that is next Thursday, the 16th. Yikes!! Okay, feeling braver now.



Hubby laughed at me when he got home from work today, shook his head and smiled and said, of course he would come with me. Then he kissed me and took me shopping for a new sexy top and new sexy high heals (and you know I must be a bit nervous if I am slipping off the flip flops and putting on heals to impress). So, I am looking at this as an adventure. A way to make new friends and learn more about myself. I am shy, I am outgoing, I am quiet, I am friendly. I am brave. Well today anyway. I will let you know how brave after Thursday night. But come on... it is just drinks at a nice bar. And maybe it will be Hubby and me. Any one else coming??? Any one?


calais said...

Wow!! I hope you have a great time, and with "hubby" there you won't be alone.

Marie said...

Wish I could be there Mistress....please be careful.


Miss Honey said...

Yes, of course I will be careful. And Hubby would never let anything bad happen to me. Thank you for your concern.

max said...

ah to be on the west coast then, but home in the east, alas and a-lacking. (and a Pats fan to boot, damn those Chargers.)

Miss Honey said...

alas and a-lacking... that is a lovely compliment.

Sorry about your Pats... but GO BOLTS!! (Bit of a football fan, can you tell? LOL)