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Monday, October 13, 2008

Finger Condoms? But why?

(Okay, really they are for people who use their iPhone way too much.)
But come on my very naughty friends,
there has to be a unique, kinky, pervertable way to put these things to use?

Any ideas?


calais said...

hahaha I know what to do with them! One finger rigged to some electricty, another fitted with some clit-grinding ridges. Maybe one covered in lots of whipped cream and the other impanted with a mini vibe. The fifth one? Hmmm maybe it can find a home in my ass. lol

Anonymous said...

Too funny....but seriously, where can I get some of these, lol. I have an iPhone with finger prints all over it, seriously, lol.

Miss Honey said...

And they come in different colors and they have a finger size chart. 'Cause knowing my bra size isn't stressful enough. Now I need to know my finger size.

bdenied said...

I guess for people who dont want to feel the inside of whatever it is they are putting their fingers in...