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Friday, October 24, 2008


Muse - From Mr. Webster...

Main Entry:
Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin Musa, from Greek Mousa
14th century

1capitalized : any of the nine sister goddesses in Greek mythology presiding over song and poetry and the arts and sciences
2: a source of inspiration ; especially : a guiding genius
3: poet

Those that share with me in a submissive way become muse to me (I will not be capitalizing the Muse as although I have shared some religious experiences have yet to meet a true God or an imortal Goddess, well that one time, but might have been the fever). They are a source of inspiration for my writing. They share with me their thoughts, ideas, creativity. They don't just do what I say like robots completing steps of instructions offered to them as if in computer code. But rather they bring nuance to what I create in their completion of it, what I desire and make it their own in that sharing. Their ideas inspire me, we chat and talk and laugh. Their fears inspire... "What about this?" I am asked... "Will this be ok?" When the real question is... "Will you judge me poorly?" And these questions feel so entirely personal and yet wholly universal. We all worry about being accepted, about approval and the pleasing of another.
Each time I am approached on chat it can be a muse that reaches out to me. A simple question asked like, "Do you like bondage?" Or a statement, "I love to be spanked." Might cause my gears and wheels to spin. Or even the vanilla conversations can bring the need for clarity in my own thoughts and that may lead to some inspiration that must be written.
And of course there is my love of sports. Do you think LT and darling Phillip Rivers are my muse as well? Well Hubby was inspired to take pictures last Sunday as I wore my Rivers jersey. And perhaps that little peek of cheek was muse-like... inspiration for some thoughts for someone out there. (A bit of ego perhaps, but come on... it is a cute picture.)
I have been sad this past week as the severing of my D/s relationship with marie has come to pass. I have written quite a bit about that in my personal journals. For some of the best writing comes from these darker places. And while I may not share it all here for public consumption the writing has been cathartic. And there too the inspiration for poetry that makes my heart and soul weep.
So please... do comment if something I say causes you inspiration. For to deny me my muse-ness for you would be a shame. I hope I touch you on occasion with my thoughts and ideas and feelings. I hope you will share and be a muse, an inspiration to me. It is a lovely circle of creation that we bloggers share. I am honored you take the time to read me as I so love to read you.
Now go out and be a muse, or find a muse or even a Muse. Be inspiring and inspired.


acker said...

I love that you treasure the inspiration you get.. i even blush thinking of the inspiration i may give and have given you in the past. I never realised that it was a two way street. So i did realise that you gave me so much inspiration. And still do.
Love the depth of the posts here. Love it all.. xx your boy

perfectlips said...

Dear Miss Honey

You are certainly a muse for me. It is hard to put my finger on exactly why, because you seem so well-rounded. In fact, the well-roundedness might be it. (That all's not supposed to sound suggestive!). I don't know which you would be; Euterpe maybe.

Some of your posts I find moving and thought-provoking (like this one, and Control is what made me blogroll you), and I should probably write up why (I have such a horrible backlog of posts I should write).

I suppose I can't really say you're a muse because I haven't acted on the inspiration I claim to feel. In that case I should say I find your blog very arousing, in a vaguely defined space between erotic, sensual, emotional and intellectual. Could call it disturbing, but I like it.

And the football and the toenails --- and your husband with his lovely derriere! --- are so unexpected but they sit beautifully with all the rest.


An inspired lurker said...

I love reading your blog because it's always filled with such honesty it truly becomes inspiring :)