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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A few snippets of sexiness...

It is wonderful to get an email with a beg, or a naughty bit of fantasy, or some other snippet of sexiness. I thought I would share a little here with you (all of these were sent to me with the knowledge that I do share on my blog so I am exposing no secrets) of some of the deliciousness that gets sent to me...

"I got horny, thinking of all the things you could do to this could line my lips with clothespins and tape them to my legs, spreading me wide and crop my inner pussy, or use your finger to flick my clit. "

"...muffling my moans when I cum for You? May your slut please do this? Smearing all the cum over his tummy and getting to sleep like that... letting the cum dry, only to be washed away in the shower the other morning?"

"I have done as you instructed regarding the wearing of panties last night, wrapped around my ankle. That same red g-string is now splitting my butt checks and the lace is incasing my cock and balls...for you, Mistress."

"So I stood facing a corner in my bedroom and pushed my underwear down to my knees. Spreading my legs as widely as possible given the underwear, I then began stroking my cock which was this time already fully hard as I had been fantasizing about masturbating while driving home from work. Very quickly I reached the third edge for you along with several drops of precum leaking from the tip of my throbbing cock. I licked the precum after wiping it from my tip with my finger. As I masturbated, I had continued to fantasize about being made to masturbate while driving which I found very arousing."

"I felt so naughty. When I got home, I had a little urgency feeling / panicky feeling because of my diaper, talked with you and then went upstairs and knelt facing the corner for a few minutes."

"I'm now wearing black thong panties, Mistress"

"When I got home this evening, I wanted to cum so badly for you... and I wanted to serve you. And I had some time to play with my cock as you stated. "

" I was shaving it all nice and smooth for you, this pussy that you own, I got horny, thinking of all the things you could do to this pussy... "


Marie said...

Nice Mistress....very that you love to share the naughtiness I share with you.

love you,

bdenied said...

a very sexy posting indeed

anna louise said...

I love reading such naughty snippets